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PCOS Awareness: Meet Alleyne

I find hearing other people’s success stories with PCOS is just so motivating. It helps me realise that I am not alone in my struggles and motivates me to keep going when Ijust want to stop. So, here is another success story for you. Meet Alleyne and let her tell you how PCOS impacts on her.

pcos and hair loss

PCOS and Hair Loss: The Basics

Hair loss with PCOS can be a frustrating and embarrasing syptom – something that women suffering with this symptom is normally very aware of. Hair loss is often as a result of high testosterone levels. Here are some things that you can do to restore your hair health if you are struggling with hair loss.

pcos-stories - pcos awareness meet

PCOS Awareness: Meet Danielle

I love hearing from other women with PCOS. To hear the things that they are struggling with (I often relate!) and the things that they are having success with. I find that it motivates me and keeps me going with my PCOS. So, today, I want to introduce you to Danielle as she shares her PCOS story.


N-acetyl-cystein (NAC) and PCOS

N-acetyl-cystein (otherwise known as NAC) has shown some promising results for women with PCOS. It has been shown to help with fertility, insulin resistance and lowering testosterone. Here is what you need to know if you want to add NAC to your supplement regime.

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Is your PCOS Diet Dairy Free? It Should Be!

Milk has a chemical that mimics insulin and causes our levels of testosterone to rise. Many women find that their acne clears up after stopping milk and that is testament to milk’s negative effects on our PCOS in general. This article looks at why milk is not great for PCOS, as well as alternatives.

PCOS Management: What is YOUR next step?

PCOS Management: What is YOUR next step?

Sometimes we can get stuck in a rut with our PCOS. We keep going as we are but we struggle to find the motivation to jump the hurdles and change tac. So, I surveryed my readers to find out what was stopping them from taking their next step with their PCOS. This is what they said and how to overcome those hurdles.

pregnancy - success

PCOS and Pregnancy: Success!

Things have been very quiet on the blog recently and it’s been far too long since my last article. I’m really sorry about the silence! The thing is: I’m PREGNANT! We’re so excited that our little family of three will soon be four but on a personal level, I feel like I have won a…

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PCOS and Exercise – The Benefits

Exercise is so important for your overall health and well being. But, it is also crucial to managing your PCOS. Even if you don’t physically see the results, the research shows that exercise has an impact on the metabolic markers of PCOS. Find out about the other benefits of exercise for PCOS.

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PCOS and Acupuncture 2 – The Research

I jave a confession to make.I hate needles and I hate the thought of needles. As a result, acupuncture has never been on my radar. I have never considered it as an option to manage my PCOS. But, the research is actually very good that acupuncture is effective in treating a lot of the symptoms of PCOS.

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Mixed Berry Smoothie

Sometimes it’s hard to eat a good, healthy breakfast. I need something  quick that I can eat (or drink). But the problem with a lot of smoothies is that they tend to be very high is sugar and carbohydrates. Not ideal for your insulin and therefore your PCOS. So, here’s a great PCOS friendly smoothie recipe.

treatments - acupuncture for pcos

Acupuncture for PCOS

More and more women are turning to holistic and alternative therapies to help them manage their health and their PCOS. It’s no surprise, then, that I have been asled about acupunture for PCOS on a number of occasions. So, I’ve done the research and this is what I have found.

lifestyle - february pcos diet progress report

My February PCOS Progress Report

I want you to know that you are not alone in your struggles with PCOS – that I face the same struggles that you do. So, I have started putting together a monthly progress report as a way to track my symptoms and keep myself motivated. I share them with you so you can be motivated too.

supplements - inositol and pcos

Inositol and PCOS

I am always on the look out for supplements that I think will be helpful for my PCOS. And I am so glad that I found Inositol. It has brilliant evidence that it helps with so many of our symptoms and I have noticed an improvement in my own PCOS since I started taking Inositol.

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Got the Blues? PCOS and Depression

When I was first diagnosed with PCOS, the symptom that scared me the most was depression. There was no joy or colour in my world. And I have come to learn that depression is a common but often unspoken about symptom of PCOS. Here is what the research says and what you can do.

lifestyle - january pcos diet progress report

My January PCOS Diet Progress Report

I’ve decided to start tracking my symptoms and share them with you. Why? As a way to motivate myself and to let you know that you are not alone in the struggles you face with your own PCOS. So, here is my January progress report – the good, the bad and the ugly.