Life with PCOS – From lost and alone to in control

It’s been a little while since I have shared a PCOS story other than my own. But, I think that it’s really important for us to read about and hear about other women’s journeys with PCOS.

It helps to motivate us, encourage us and ultimately helps us to feel more connected. A little less alone with our PCOS.
So, today, I want to share Kaylee’s story with you. Kaylee recently completed my PCOS Master Plan course and this is her story.

Tell us a little bit of your PCOS story. When and how were you first diagnosed?

I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 19 years old. I originally went in to the endocrinologist to figure out if I had hypothyroidism. After expressing my symptoms and getting bloodwork done, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and PCOS. I had never even heard of PCOS before that day and I was a little scared and felt all alone since nobody I knew had it. It really did answer the “why” to all my symptoms and after much research, I began to understand what was going on in my body. Ever since I started my cycle in middle school they were very abnormal, long, and painful. Sometimes I would have to miss school or events because of how ill I was. My PCOS really did a number on me when I started college. I gained a lot of weight, I was depressed, and struggled with my symptoms.

Were you prescribed any medication to manage your PCOS and improve your symptoms?

I was prescribed Metformin to manage my PCOS. First I was taking just a small amount daily and within a year I was taking the highest dosage possible daily to help manage and improve my symptoms. Truthfully, it helped but only temporarily before I was back to not feeling so great. Now I am back on a low dosage and since I know it isn’t just about medication to help my PCOS, I feel much better.

You signed up for The PCOS Master Plan. Why did you sign up? What change did you want to see in your PCOS?

I signed up for the PCOS Master Plan because I had finally began to realize that my PCOS is not going anywhere and I needed to learn how to manage it better and feel less lost about it.

I wanted to see myself happier and healthier. I also needed a support group and women who have PCOS to talk with.

I wanted to see myself happier and healthier. I also needed a support group and women who have PCOS to talk with. My grandmother had endometriosis (I originally was thought to have this when I entered High School) and she was the only one who I really could somewhat connect with on the topic.

Did you have a light bulb moment while doing The PCOS Master Plan? If yes, what was it?

My big light bulb moment while doing the PCOS Master Plan was honestly in the beginning. I was so excited and ready to better myself, but I did have some doubts and thought that I would never be able to do this. After joining and talking to woman on the Facebook page, I knew I could do this and we all could do it!

Having completed the PCOS Master Plan, how has the way that you manage your PCOS changed?

I have been able to cut back on my metformin medication and manage my diet much better. I never knew before the program that diary and gluten was so bad for women with PCOS. It is a little challenging sometimes working full time and going to college to find things that are GF or diary free, but now I am aware, it is not that difficult to cut it out. I also feel like I have a control over my body now and my PCOS does not have to rule it.


How have your symptoms improved?

I have been able to keep weight off a bit easier and I have been able to sleep better! I find myself happier and less depressed. Of course, I have my ups and downs, but PCOS does not go away. I still struggle with pain and heavy periods, rupturing cysts occasionally, and back pain, but to a less extent and less frequently.

What is the one thing that you do for your PCOS that you think has made the biggest difference to your symptoms?

Eating healthier. Snacking on the right types of snacks like nuts, berries, vegetables, helps me feel more energized and not under a sleepy spell. Whenever I do eat a little bit of gluten or dairy, it definitely makes me feel bloated, tired, and just gross. What we put in our bodies really does make a huge difference!

What advice do you have for someone who has been newly diagnosed?

My advice is to breathe. You are not alone. I felt very alone and lost at first and it is okay. Reach out to other women with PCOS because we are there for each other. I cannot express how helpful this can be when you feel like nobody understands or can relate. Also, don’t give up! Make the changes necessary to help you manage PCOS and not let it run your life even if you just take baby steps towards a healthier you.

Kaylee, thank you so much for sharing your story, for being brave with your story so that others can be brave with theirs!

You can find out more about The PCOS Master Plan course here.

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Tarryn Poulton

Tarryn Poulton

Tarryn Poulton is a PN1 Certified Nutrition Coach and PCOS expert who has been a leader in the online PCOS space for over 8 years. Tarryn has the support of leading clinicians from around the world who support her scientific approach to understanding and talking about PCOS this includes all medical journals and ongoing research. You can read more about Tarryn and the team here.

7 Responses

7 Responses

  1. I posted a few months ago, and can’t find my post on where I left it. It was about my life, living with PCOS. Now I have a few more updates and really need help. I have two little girls and my husband and I wanted to have a boy.. at lease. But I lost another baby back in January, and it was my tenth child I have lost. I have been bleeding for six months now. Witch its un usual for me since I don’t have cycles. I am having a hysterectomy in a fault night., and wanted to know what will happen to my body after I under go the procedure? I know I will still have PCOS, that will never go away but I am afraid that I will have other complications in life, more then I can bear. I am utterly crushed by having the hysterectomy, as I wish to have more kids.

    1. The hysterectomy may help the initial issue with the periods and discomfort, but may not help with the PCOS since it’s a hormonal issue and women who get hysterectomy start having other issues that has to do with hormones. Do you research and get consult from more than one doctor.

    2. Have you tried a herbalist? I was bleeding for a couple of months straight and the gynecologist didn’t really help. When I went to a homeopath she helped me.

  2. Hi, I have had problems with pcos since I was a teenager, but sadly I wasn’t diagnosed until recently; after dr’s decided the only thing that would “fix” me was a hysterectomy. Sadly, I went through with that thinking all my problems would go away, and didn’t realize a lot of my problems; pre and post hysterectomy were pcos related. Lucky for me, I gained 70 pounds in about 1 year and after many blood tests and no answers (other than your problems are related to your weight), I went to a weight loss clinic, had even more blood work, and was found to be insulin resistant (among other pcos related issues). It’s awesome to know that I can never have any more children, and have basically been given the choice of being fat, or eating crap (I hate to sound negative, but pcos diet is even crappier than dieting; at least a diet allows some leniency. I know for me my body is so stubborn that I will literally gain 5 pounds in a day if I stray at all. For me there is no such thing as taking things in moderation since my body stopped working; one piece of chocolate will mess up my body as bad as the whole bag!). The weight loss clinic put me on metformin, but I hate it; the side effects are terrible. Sadly, the side effects are so horrible that I’m afraid to eat. That would be great except for the fact that I don’t eat enough as is (which was why weight gain was so puzzling. I didn’t change my eating habits, but I gained 70 pounds. My dr thought I was lying about how much I ate until I brought in a food log). I’m being told eat more, but I’m not hungry. Well thanks for letting me vent, and good luck to each of you!

    1. Have you tried max lowery’s intermittent fasting? Ever since I’ve started that, I no longer have problems with my weight and I’m still able to eat foods that I love. My pcos has been much better controlled.

  3. Hi,
    Just a thought of something experimental to try! By total accident, I discovered that putting castor oil on my lower back and taking a HOT shower a few minutes to ten minutes later HELPS my lower back pain. I read into it and it is similar to the idea of “castor oil packs” that are popular (but messy). When I struggle with back pain, a simple hot shower takes my pain down 10-20% but putting castor oil (which I do mix with spearmint, because that’s a testosterone blocker – I used it originally on my face) on my lower back cut the pain down by 50-60% making it significantly more bearable! Something about the way it stimulates blood… I’d love to hear from other women if this also works for them!!! It was a huge discovery for me!

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