PCOS and Pregnancy: Success!

Things have been very quiet on the blog recently and it’s been far too long since my last article. I’m really sorry about the silence! The thing is: I’m PREGNANT! We’re so excited that our little family of three will soon be four but on a personal level, I feel like I have won a battle against my PCOS (I’m still waging war against it but I’m celebrating the victory of this battle for now).

Before I get onto some of the things that I did to aid my fertility, I thought I’d share my experience of the first trimester, for those of you who are also pregnant or trying to conceive.

The last three months have been harder than anticipated. I don’t remember things being this hard the first time round but then I didn’t have a toddler to look after and I also didn’t know all the stats and figures relating to PCOS and miscarriage. I have to say that I think I have been genuinely depressed over the last three months. This is probably a combination of raging pregnancy hormones and huge anxiety over miscarriage. Now that I’m coming out of the first trimester, I am starting to feel more like myself and it is such a relief (my hubby agrees!)

The risk of miscarriage with PCOS is a real one and I know one that many of you have experienced the heartache of miscarriage. I do believe that there are things that we can do to lower our risk of miscarriage and it is something that I will be looking into in the future so that we can all give our future pregnancies the best possible chance. Also, miscarriage is not inevitable just because you have PCOS. I have been incredibly fortunate to never have suffered a miscarriage and this is my second pregnancy. So, more on that in the future, but for now, let’s have a look at some of the steps I took to improve my fertility.

All of the things that I did to aid my fertility I have spoken about before in various articles on the blog so none of it is new, really. Here is a break down anyway:

PCOS Diet:

DietI have been very careful about my diet, making sure that I eat plenty of vegetables, some fruit in moderation, lean protein and some healthy snacks like nuts and apple with almond butter. I have totally avoided processed foods and only eaten whole foods. A typical day looks like this:

  • Breakfast: 2 eggs with some bacon or a green smoothie
  • Lunch: Salad with some lean meat like chicken breast or salmon
  • Dinner: Roasted vegetables (sweet potatoes, baby new potatoes and parsnips) with broccoli or other greens and steak or chicken.
  • Snacks: Nuts, trail mix, fruit with almond butter

So, you can see that I always have some protein at every meal to moderate the release of carbs into my blood stream so that my insulin levels don’t spike. Also, I have a moderate carb in take. I have been following the meal plans that I put together for the PCOS Diet Support Community. You can find out more about the meal plans here, if you are interested.


supplementsInositol and Folic Acid: You can read more about Inositol here but I think that this is a vital supplement for women with PCOS, whether you are trying to conceive or not. I took 2g in the morning and 2g in the evening, and one 400mcg Folic acid daily.

Omega 3: This is important in lowering your testosterone levels. If you can lower your testosterone levels, you should see an improvement in a lot of your PCOS symptoms. I took 3,600mg fish oil with 792mg EPA and 288mg for a total Omega 3 intake of 1,080mg per day.

Vitamin D:  Vitamin D is important for fertility in general and is a vitamin that 83% of women with PCOS are lacking in. It also helps with insulin resistance. The Vitamin D council recommends that you take 5,000 IU/day.


I must confess that I have not been particularly good about exercising, in spite of all of the research that I did on the importance of exercise for PCOS. I do have a very busy two year old so I’m often on the go and don’t tend to sit for long periods of time. We also do try to get out and walk to the park or local shops when we can. But that really is the extent of my exercise and activity.

Fertility charting:

I have also been taking my basal body temperature every morning to monitor whether or not I was ovulating. You can read more about that here. I really found this helpful because when my cycle was erratic, I knew it was down to my PCOS and not pregnancy (this saved me a small fortune on pregnancy tests!) Also, when I did fall pregnant, I was able to pinpoint the exact day that I ovulated to more accurately calculate my due date.

There’s Hope:

pregnantI had been doing all of these things consistently for close on a year prior to falling pregnant with the aim of managing my PCOS. We started actively trying for a baby 5 months before we conceived. If you are struggling to fall pregnant and becoming despondent with your fertility journey, here are some stats to give you some hope:

A 2009 study of 154 women with PCOS showed that:

  • 86.7% of those who attempted to fall pregnant had given birth to at least one child (91% of women in the control group who didn’t have PCOS had at least one child).
  • 67.5% of the women involved had at least one spontaneous pregnancy.
  • Interestingly, this study did not show an increased rate of miscarriage in women with PCOS.
  • Also, women with PCOS tend to have a higher ovarian reserve. As our cycle is often irregular, not all of our follicles mature, meaning that we have more viable follicles when we are older than women without PCOS do. Basically, age is not necessarily as big a hindrance to falling pregnant for women with PCOS.

Summing it up:

So, I hope that my story and some of the research gives you hope and determination on your journey to extend your family. By following a good diet, taking your supplements and exercising regularly, you are giving your body the best shot of falling pregnant and maintaining that pregnancy.

I’m sure that there are so many of you who are trying to conceive or have already conceived. I’d love to hear from you so that we can celebrate our victories and encourage each other when it’s needed! Leave me a comment below!

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Tarryn Poulton

Tarryn Poulton

Tarryn Poulton is a PN1 Certified Nutrition Coach and PCOS expert who has been a leader in the online PCOS space for over 8 years. Tarryn has the support of leading clinicians from around the world who support her scientific approach to understanding and talking about PCOS this includes all medical journals and ongoing research. You can read more about Tarryn and the team here.

117 Responses

117 Responses

  1. Hi… Heartily Congratulates for u Tarryn g .. I hv a some questions for u..plzzz Reply me,as,soon as possible.me & my husband r trying 2 conceive past year, but unsuccessful..? I did completely Check up ,the Dr says,u hv Pcos.I’m taking myo Inositol 4g twice a day approximately last 3 to 4 months… But no success… Some time my periods date too up,but sometime not… Plzzz tell me ,is Inositol sachets r helpful for me ? Is Inositol consider gud for monthly ovulation? Plzzz suggest me, I’m too worried & disappointed…..

  2. Hey there

    I just wanted to tell you that your site has changed my life. We were ttc for a year without any success so we went to an OB/GYN who specializes in fertility issues, I didn’t know I had PCOS until 3 months ago and when I was diagnosed, I followed your tips for a good 2 months and we got our BFP! Unfortunately it was ectopic and we lost our baby but I’m confident we can fall pregnant now! I’m healing up nicely and we will try again after I have my first period by myself but I’m not worried or scared anymore. I know it’s possible.

    Thank you for the hope!

    1. I’m so sorry about your loss Steffi! I really hope that you get some amazing baby news soon! Thank you for letting me know how helpful the site has been 🙂

  3. hi tarryn i m so happy for u..last 3yrs i m suffering from pcos..miscarried once..i lost my faith badly..nw i missed my period but
    Fear to test to see again negative..i m so
    Frustated..but ur site is just wow..mw i relieve

  4. Hi Tarryn congratulations… I’m very happy that all your hard work have paid off. I’m also a sufferer of pcos from past 7 yrs. I don’t have kids yet. Allopathic treatment didn’t work for me so I switched to ayurvedic. I don’t know why pcos problem cannot be erased completely. Bcoz during the treatment I get my periods properly but once the treatment comes to a stage, again it becomes irregular. Pl help me.

    1. hi tarryn i hav diagnosed with pcos from last 3yrs.i hav using ovacare myo for a long time still no progress.what should i do.pls advice

  5. Hi Taryn, I realise this post is a few years old now, gee I wish I’d seen it then! I have PCOS that I was managing with diet – periods every month last year harah! – but I slacked off when I got pregnant at the beginning of this year and who knows what happened but we miscarried at just over 11 weeks, last week. I have two beautiful children so I have a lot to be thankful for but it was lost baby number six for us, so we have a lot of questions. Thanks for your site it’s full of really helpful information. L

  6. I have pcos and I have just found out I’m pregnant, but very nervous with the risks of miscarriage I’ve been trying for 5 years and truly don’t want to loose this one is there any specific things to do or take to help keep me and my baby safe

  7. Furocyst is the best natural medicine for PCOS,which manage PCOS naturally,,a Clinically proven and US patented medicine.

  8. Hi, I have just been diagnosed with PCOS after three miscarriages. Your post has given me so much hope…. Thank you so much x

  9. Hi Tarryn..
    I am Ria…having a long story of PCOD,always irregular periods,regulating with Susten 50 mg Tabs…My marrige was on 2012 and after that i concieved two times bt some growth pblm happend and Dr.suggested to do abortion..Nw we are trying past 6 months and always -ve result..are so disappointed and hopeless…Took MMR inj on last oct…and a series of multivitmins…last month took clomiphene with NAC and the result was -ve..
    Nw Dr prescribed me FINEOVA(Temoxifen Citrate) on Day2, HMG 75 inj-D7,D8,D9 and HCG 5000 Inj on D12…along with MyoInositol,
    TOTOMOM (multivit TAB including DHA,VIT D3,CA,VITc,Folic Acid ,Iron,etc ..I am just started to take inositol 2000 mg/day.
    Aftr reading your blog am feeling some +ve…Pls reply

  10. Plz help me.I’m recently found that I hv pcod and cyst in my only right ovary 2.3cm leanth. I want to conceive soon BT no luck ..6-7months trying now Dr. Give me myo-inositol with folic acid chewable tablets and clomiphene citrate 100mg.now I’m taking this medicine CD 3-7..I don’t know when I’m ovulating! My cycle 28-31..today CD 10 can I started to trying? Any tips

    1. Take a deep breath! It’s not easy but you can do it like i did.
      Let me share how i managed mine and equipped it with prayer.
      Try take lots of protein like beans, eggs don’t take milk.
      Eliminate all snacks from ur diet, junks once in a while you can take snack wt grains.
      Eliminate some certain oil from ur diet use olive oil to cook with coconut oil maybe to fry your eggs.
      Eliminate some fruits like water melon and pineapple eat more of grapes, apple, avacado, strawberry, and pear.
      Start taking prenatal vitamins like materna,damater once a day etc depending on what they have where you recide that’s what is in my side.
      Then my doctor also put me on metformin 750mg twice a day, 1 at lunch and 1 at dinner.
      Don’t use anything soya. It’s not healthy for pcos patients.

  11. Hi Tarryn many congratulations to both you and your partner. Prayers and fingers crossed for a healthy and happy pregnancy period. We are going to start trying to conceive too as I have just had my two shorts of chicken pox vaccines.i am walking an hr everyday and eating healthy.my body weight is still taking ages to drop…inspite of all efforts. Is there anything else that you can suggest Please im taking my preconception suppliments eveyday. Thanks

  12. Hey!
    I love this post. It’s so informative. I have a question though. I picked up a bottle of fish oil today. It says it had 120 my (600 MG omega 3) plus vitamin d3 2000 IU. Is that enough?

  13. Hi tarryn it’s been awhile since I’ve contacted you . Well I’ve bin dignosed with diabetes In jan just gone now I’m on metaformin 500 a twice a day now I’m abit confused as weather I should take pregnitude weather it’s safe or not for me to take id ask my doctor but it’s Weather he knows anything about the supplement I was hopin to see if you knew thanks I hope your well and your new baby is well and the rest of your family 🙂 x

  14. Hi Tarryn,

    Fantastic website, and congratulations!

    Did you take Inositol during the time you were pregnant? Has there been any research to show how it affects a foetus or newborn? The results sound great but this is my main concern.

    Also how does this differ to a hormone such as metformyn? I know it is a supplement, but aren’t we supplementing our body with anything we are taking which is not food?

    Thank you!

  15. hi there. im so sad and depress when i was diagnosed , that i have PCOS
    and i really dont know how to start my diet because some food here in the Philippines are really very traditional like eating white rice…
    As i grow old I used to eat rice but recently when my period is not stopping I was so worried. Please help me how to have an effective diet plan. Food here that are available and affordable . Thank you and more power.

  16. Hi Tarryn! I was diagnosed with PCOS last year, even though they didn’t think I had it because I’m not overweight. (plus military medical sucks) I have been trying to conceive for about 5 years now without any help at all. I’m desperate to have my miracle baby. Congrats on your baby #2!

  17. Hi, I just came across your website in the middle of an anxiety attack where im up all night googling pcos and pregnancy to when im normally in tears after reading how hard it is to get pregnant. Let me tell you my story. Me and my husband got married in sep 13 and had made a plan to try for a baby in jan 14. I came of the contraceptive pill at the end of Sept 13. And ive still had no period. I went to doctors and they run some blood tests and ultra scan and told me I had pcos. Im waiting on a referal to see a gyno specialist doctor said he will help with my lack of period but not with infertility as they cant refer me to a fertility specialist until after a year of trying naturally which seems so unfair 🙁 since the news I javs been so depressed. Ive always suffered a bit with depression sincs I lost my mum to cancer at 16 years old. The doctors just tell me im young (im 24) and that I jave plenty of time to have a baby! But if im honest that doesn’t help me!! Im desperate for one now so is my husband we had made a plan we have jist brought a 3 bed family home ready for a family, both my sister and brother havw just had babiws 3 months ago, so I feel so jealous which I know is horrible but I look at them and feel it will never be me 🙁 which brings me to un contrable tears everyday! Its getting me soo down. And I don’t know what to do. Im 5ft 4, and just under 11 stone so I dont think im obese, I dont have facial hair, although do have greasy hair that needs washing every day! I have spots on facebut they come and ggo its not really acne. Basically whats getting me is the thought of no baby. Before I went on pill fice years ago I can’t remember fully what my periods were like I did get them prob 5 weeks apart. But since coming of the pill ive had nothing which is the hardest bit as I feel if I was ovulating and having a period every 6-8 weeks even though this is irregular I feel like there is hope where at the moment I feel there isnt hope. But there is a bit of me that feels the lack of periods at the moment is due to coming of the pill which doctor says can take up tp 6 months to get your normal monthly cycle back. So im hoping in few more months my periods will return and I have some hope of a baby as the thought of having to wait a year or two is heart breaking and is soo hard to deal with. I feel guilty my husband is so supportive but I hate seeing the hurt and sadness in his eyes! 🙁 im also taking angus cactus as ive heard positive reviews on that being good to regulate your periods. Im really sorry for long letter but this is thefirst time I have hhad a chance to talk about my dignosis that I got last week and am struggling with soo badly. Can anyone help ? Thank you in advance kirsty.

  18. Hi ihave pcod since lone times trying t conceive foe 7 month but in vain.ijust started taking fertile aid for women n fertile tea n cod liver oil since a month got my periods since 3 days.ihad always irregular R absent menses.what else ican do t get pregnent plz guide.also plz tell me how u do that bbt chart t know about ovulation.what things R needed for that

  19. Congratulation Tarryn :)))))) I’m very happy for you, you’ve been very helpful & inspiring to all the women who suffer from PCOS x x x

  20. “Basically, age is not necessarily as big a hindrance to falling pregnant for women with PCOS.”

    Most BEAUTIFUL thing this 39 yr old lady has read today!!

  21. Hi Tarryn,

    Does myo inositol cause delay of periods? Well i have been taking it for over 2 weeks and i havent got my periods yet.

  22. Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly Tarryn it is amazing to know there is someone out there who cares. Ok starting tomorrow I will drop to 2g and see how it goes! Thanks again and all the best.

  23. Congratulations! I had a question for you. I have pcos and have had several unsuccessful pregnancies. I am 3 weeks pregnant now and have been taking 4g of inositol daily for the last 3 months. Should I stop taking it now? I live in hk and my dr doesn’t support my using it but hasn’t stopped me. I don’t want to stop as I have heard it can reduce miscarriage rates, something I have struggled with before. I would appreciate your advice. Thanks Tarryn.

    1. Hi Emily,

      Congrats on the pregnancy and I am so sorry to hear about your losses.

      There is research to support continuing to take Inositol during the first trimester to help prevent miscarriage and maintain the pregnancy. Here is the link to the research https://sites.google.com/site/miscarriageresearch/supplements-and-miscarriage/d-chiro-inositol The article doesn’t give dosage information though. I personally dropped my dose to 2g per day during the first twelve weeks and have stopped it for the rest of the pregnancy.

      I really hope that you have the most magical pregnancy!

      Keep well,


  24. Hi Tarryn

    I hope that your pregnancy is going well. I am pleased to tell you that I just found out that I am pregnant with my first baby and I credit a lot of this to your helpful site, so thank you! Quick question: should diet in pregnancy remain the same as it has been for trying to conceive?

    1. Congratulations, Emily! That’s amazing news! I would keep to the diet as much as possible to keep your hormones balanced…. Hope you have the most magical pregnancy! Keep well, Tarryn

  25. Hi tarryn!!! Im diagnosed with pcos on my left ovary then on my was normal.My obgyn advised me to take clomid,so i tried it for 3months unfortunately i dont concieved feeling do depressed.Now after i saw this website of yours,i decided to try ur advise…hoping for positive outcome!!!now im taking folic acid and vitamin e,do it helps?or i have to add omega 3,vitamin d?do bicycles good for pcos? Cause me and my husband was having bicycles for about 3times a week.kindly help me tarryn!!! Thanks

  26. Hi tarryn,,

    I’m new to this site. I have a child and had been trying to conceive for the past one year without any success. Your story gives me an inspiration to never give up. But at times feel really depressed when nothing works out.

    1. HI S,

      Don’t get despondent. The fact that you already have a child is a good sign as it is possible! Make sure that you are following a good PCOS diet and taking your supplements! I’m sure it will happen!

      I hope you get your amazing baby news soon!


  27. I was diagnosed with PCOS just a few months ago ( but i suspected it – no period for 7 months after going off birth control, bad acne, carb cravings)

    I have cut out ALL sugar, I’m almost completely gluten free, I already was dairy free.

    Today – I got my first natural period! YAY!!! I credit diet but I also have been going to acupuncture. Hoping to get pregnant without meds (but will take them if it is taking too long) … I’ll keep ya updated!

  28. Hi Tarryn,

    Congratulations. A few weeks ago I found out I am pregnant to. 10 weeks now. But in the last 8 weeks I broke all of my good habits. But I want to go back to a structual menu. I don’t want to eat to much, but also not to low. That’s hard. What do you eat during the day now you are pregnant? In the brochures I have received from the doctor are mentioned all kinds of food I did not eat while doing the PCOS menu. Like 6 slices of bread and cowmilkproducts.

    I look forward hearing from you

    Kind regards Stefanie

    1. Hi Stefanie,

      Congratulations!!! That’s amazing news! I’m so happy for you!

      It’s still important that you follow a good diet during pregnancy. I would still try to avoid dairy products as much as possible and if you are going to have carbs, make sure you balance them with protein and that they are low GI. It is hard to stick to a proper diet when you just don’t feel like eating the things you should.

      Listen to your body and make sure that you make as many healthy choices as possible.

      Hope you have a magical pregnancy!


  29. I also have PCOS, and my husband and I had been trying for about 13 months for our first when I first heard about inositol. I started it at the end of May, and last week I got 3 positive HPTs, later confirmed by hCG blood test at the doc’s (I am, for obvious reasons, cautiously excited about possibly bringing a little’un into the world next March).

    I was wondering, however, if you continued to take inositol during your pregnancy…? It so obviously helped to prepare my body to conceive a baby, so I’m concerned that discontinuing it will be problematic to my body sustaining a baby.

    1. Hi Judith,

      Congratulations!!! What amazing news!

      Inositol has been shown to help maintain pregnancy and I did continue to take it during my first trimester. The research does not state the dosage recommended so you should check with your doc. I personally went down to 2g per day but I don’t have any research to back that up though.

      Here is some more research on Inositol and PCOS that you could take to your doctor: https://sites.google.com/site/miscarriageresearch/supplements-and-miscarriage/d-chiro-inositol

      I hope you have an amazing pregnancy!


        1. I have the same question.Did you get any answer for taking inositol in 2nd or 3rd trimester.Please let me know as my doctor is totally clueless about inositol only.

  30. Dear Tarryn! Congratulations!!! You have helped other women and God cannot leave you comfortless.
    Am so happy for you : ) This gives me so much hope

  31. Hi Tarryn,

    I am from Philippines and diagnosed with PCOS 2 years ago. I am so inspired on your blog It helps me allot, I am so depressed this past 2 years for not conceiving but after reading your blog I feel so excited to try what you did.

    Thank you & God bless your family.

      1. Hi tarryn congrats to you I am 40 and have trying to conceive for a long time I have pco and I am taking Angus cactus and inositol please tell me if I shud take anything else I am desperate please help me

  32. Can you please tell me in detail what medicines you took during first trimester. I meal plan exactly as you recommend.

    I am 4 weeks pregnant now and afraid of miscarriage VERY MUCH. Just need to know how you struggled with this.

    Thank you a lot.

    1. Hi Vera,

      Congratulations on your pregnancy! That’s amazing news!

      I think you should consult your doctor to make sure that he’s comfortable with you taking these supplements.

      I took Omega 3, Inositol, Vitamin D and an antenatal supplement.

      Enjoy your pregnancy!


  33. This is the most positive thing I have read. About to start ttc and incrediably.blessed with a daughter and had diagnosis today. This positive story is just what I needed to read! Congrats x

  34. Hi there, I was diagnosed with PCOS several years ago after failing to conceive with my ex-husband, I am now much happier in a new relationship and need some help with my diet, I find it easier to follow a plan, but cannot seem to find someone to help that doesnt ask for money for the service. Over 2 years ago, I had the Implanon implant taken out (had in for 3 years) and I had a period, then the next one I had was a year later and I had a regular cycle for the first time ever until my last period on 3rd April, was due on 6th May and 8th June, I have taken 3 tests and they were all negative and I dont want to go to doctor as they will just say the same as always, the trouble is when the symptoms of pregnancy are the same as when you are due on. The reason I thought I was pregnant was up until when I was due on every month, exactly one week before I was due I always had sore boobs, but at that time I didnt and never came on. Im so confused I dont know what to do. Please help me? Louise (32)

    1. Hi Louise,

      PCOS is SO frustrating!

      I found fertility charting to be really helpful. That way I knew if I had ovulated. IF my period was delayed and I hadn’t ovulated, I knew is was my PCOS playing games.

      Hope that helps!


  35. Hey Tarryn,

    I have just happened upon your site. It has such excellent information! Thank you. Congrats on your second pregnancy! I have two questions; first, did cervical mucous always accompany your ovulation when it happened? Second, with your darling little girl, did you notice any problems with milk supply in breastfeeding? I have just one son, but I didn’t know anything about PCOS when I was pregnant or breastfeeding him, and I struggled with breast feeding a lot. Anyway, I am just curious what kind of connections you know about between PCOS and low milk supply in breastfeeding!


    1. Hi Rebekah,

      I take:

      Inositol: 4g per day and folic acid 400mcg per day
      Omega 3: 180mg EPA and 120mg DHA daily
      Vitamin D: At least 1000IU per day

      I had a traumatic birth with my daughter and she was in ICU for 10 days. I expressed milk and my supply was plentiful. I have heard of other women with PCOS who struggled, though.

      Hope that helps!


    2. Hi! I just wanted to say that I have PCOS, but I nursed my son for 2 years and never had any trouble with milk supply. YMMV, of course.

  36. Many congrats!!! Could you please share what supplements you take & how much of each you take when TTC? I’ve been searching the site but am a bit confused. Also, are you familar with Fairhaven health supplements? if so, thoughts? Thanks!

  37. I m so impressed Tarryn. I am so happy that I find your blog. You encouraged me that I can have baby. Because everywhere doctors say that pcos cant have pregnancy. after reading your story, I said to myself that I ll have a serious pcos diet and exercise and I ll win it. I ll never give up inshallah….

  38. Hi, Tarryn, i am a 24 years old girl from Panama (central america) and like the rest of the girls that visit your site, i also have pcos. I am not planning on having a baby yet, but i want to prepare my body when then times comes with a good diet etc. I have no weight problems i only weight 109 lbs but the thing that bothers me the most is the hirsutism issue…i am taking now only one pill of 850 mg of metformin a day to get use to the medication.
    I watch a lot what i eat, but sadly and resently i found out that eating dairy product( which i love so much, especially chocolate milk) are super bad for pcos, so should i take now only soy products or delactose milk or none of the above? i used to only drink fat free milk but now i dont know 🙁

    1. Hi Marie,

      Soy has been shown to delay ovulation so I avoid all soy based products. Also, lactose free milk still contains IGF-1 which raises testosterone levels so I would avoid all dairy products.

      It’s tough when you first start but it does get easier!


    2. Marie, You should try almond milk! I too LOVE dairy, and although almond milk isn’t technically dairy, it gives me my “milk fix” when I need it. I don’t do the chocolate version, just because of the sugar. If almond milk is not available in Panama, you can actually make your own!
      -Tenisha (fellow cyster)

  39. Congratulations Tarryn, Fantastic news. Your great news gives women like me hope. You are truly an inspiration to all of us!!

  40. Congrats ma’am (: I was waiting to hear success from you and a couple other women TTC. I’m very happy to hear the news. We’re still TTC for our first since last March. I’ve had 2 known miscarraiges, but since January this year Ive really taken our lifestyle and diet seriously. I’m currently in a TWW, so, sprinkle some baby dust my way ^_^

    1. Thanks so much Emily! I’m sending LOADS of baby dust your way!!!! I hope you get that amazing baby news soon!

      1. Hello there! well let me tell you the success of that TWW!!! had I only known!!! (= 9 weeks pregnant this Sunday!!!!! I meant to come let you guys know, but been busy. I firmly believe it was due to my diet change, plant based, avoiding refined grains and sugars. Thanks for the support! good luck everyone!

        1. Congrats Emily! This is such a good news and an encouragement for me to know it would happen.
          So happy for you : )

  41. Is there anyone else reading this that has been diagnosed with PCOS, that has had successful pregnancies without doing anything? My doctor thinks I have PCOS, because my LH and FSH hormones are all wacky, but from all my web research, it seems I have all the symptoms except fertility issues. I have 5 healthy children, and I feel like I have a hard time getting the right birth control, but if I don’t use any, I’m scared I’ll have another pregnancy too quickly. My first two children are Irish twins, and as soon as I got off birth control after my second and third pregnancy I got pregnant again. All my other symptoms to fall into place with POS with the exception of fertility problems. I did have extremely painful pregnancies, and with my last pregnancy, my doctor thought I couldn’t get pregnant again, and gave me provera. He couldn’t figure out why my periods were still not coming, and was about to give me more med.s when I double checked with a home pregnancy test and was pregnant with twins. Is it possible I have PCOS anyway? Trying to figure out if I have PCOS or if it’s the curent birth control(mirena) causing my symtoms, distended belly, hard time losing weight, are my biggest concerns now, amongst the other listed symptoms in the blog.

    1. Hi Rachel,

      Your situation does sound quite frustrating. It is possible that you have developed PCOS later, after you’d had your children? What are your androgen levels like because that is a good indicator of PCOS?


  42. Dear Tarryn!

    I am so happy for you and your family! Congratulations!! You’ve done such an amazing job on building this website and helping us all.. I am really very happy for you! My best wishes for you and your family from Berlin!


  43. Congratulations 🙂
    I also have pcos and was wondering if i could ask u a couple of questions?
    If you could please email me that would be great 🙂

    1. I have also been trying for about 2 yrs with no success and when i found ur site and read this i now know there is still hope that i will fall again since having my first child 3.5 yrs ago

  44. Congratulations! 😀 I find this article (and your whole site) extremely motivating. When I received my diagnosis several days ago fertility and pregnancy were my biggest concerns and I could feel my heart and hopes sink. But by finding your site I am truly inspired and have faith that everything will be ok.

  45. Hi Tarryn – congratulations!! Such exciting news!! I posted a comment somewhere on your site a night or two ago and I can’t find it… basically I was just asking you about the meal plans as a member… do you get more than a couple of weeks worth of suggestions? Thankyou for such a wonderful site. 🙂

    1. Hi Kristy,

      I think I replied but also can’t remember where! You get weekly meal plans for the duration of your membership. The recipes are also seasonal and really varied.

      Hope that helps!


  46. Congratulations!!! I’m so glad that all your efforts and ha rd work have paid off!!! Here is to a happy healthy pregnancy and all the best to you and your expanding family.

      1. Hi!
        5 years after we started trying to become pregnant, with loads of treatment including IVF (1 pregnancy that ended in miscarriage) we are finally pregnant, and without any treatment.
        I’m now 6 weeks, and everything seems to be going ok. I have been following a pcos diet and supplement plan for about 3 months before I got pregnant (to be honest, it was more to feel better before starting a new round of IVF next summer).
        But: now that I’m pregnant, I’m feeling very bad. I’m nauseous all day, and all the foods that I ate in my pcos diet are impossible to eat now, just thinking about eating avocado makes my stomach turn.. I have been eating a lot of crackers, and more and more it seems the unhealthier the food, the more I can keep it down.
        I can’t find much info about eating with pcos once you’re pregnant, so I would love to read more.

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