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diet tips - omega 3 lower testosterone
Diet Tips

Omega 3’s lower your PCOS Testosterone Levels

Research has shown that Omega 3 lowers testosterone levels in women with PCOS. And that is amazing news for us. The thing is that we tend to get more Omega 6 and 9 in our diets than Omega 3. So, we need to try to boost our Omega 3 intake. Here’s how.

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Vitamin D and Calcium

Vitamin D and Calcium: A Must for your PCOS Diet

Vitamin D is vital on so many levels and research has shown that up to 85% of women are deficient in this all-important vitamin. And the deficiencies could present in infertility as well as depression. So, it is so important that you are taking Vitamin D. Read on to find out more.

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