Hair where we don’t want it… Not enough hair where we need it. This can be one of PCOS’s most frustrating symptoms. It is often something that we are very self-conscious about and we’re very aware of it.

So, let’s have a look at why hair is a problem for women with PCOS and just what we can do about it.


Its all about the hormones

I’m sure you know this already but one of the diagnostic criteria for PCOS is signs of high testosterone. No surprises there. And it is this high testosterone that causes a lot of our problems with hair.

You see high testosterone levels cause a physical change in the hair follicle, either changing it from a vellus hair (like the hair you have on your head) to a terminal hair (coarse, dark hair) or by causing the hair to thin dramatically, leading to male pattern baldness.

So, if we can get our testosterone levels under control, we should start to see an improvement in this symptom.


Managing Testosterone in PCOS

There are a couple of ways to manage testosterone and your PCOS in general. If you can get your PCOS hormones under control, you will start to see an improvement in your hair growth or your hair loss.


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