10 Things a Woman with PCOS would like You to Know

When people ask me what I do, I’m very open about PCOS Diet Support and the fact that I blog about Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. People either start glazing over or if they ask me more about PCOS, I tend to give a brief overview. How do I explain to someone how deeply PCOS affects me; how it impacts on my mood, self esteem and the fact that it goes beyond just being a fertility problem?

So, to celebrate PCOS awareness month, I asked many of my readers what they want others to be aware of when it comes to PCOS. I’m going to share with you some of the things that they wanted others to know. If you are reading this article and have PCOS, my hope is that you would see that you are not alone in your struggle. If you are reading this and don’t have PCOS, thank you for taking the time to learn about something one of your loved ones may be struggling with!

Here are some of the things that were mentioned:


It’s more than just my ovaries

10 things a woman with pcos wants you to know ovaryYes, PCOS does impact on our ovaries, hence the name Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. But it is also so much more than that. PCOS is an endocrine disorder that impacts on just about every area of my body and my life.

I gain weight easily, may have mood swings or struggle with depression. I have very real fears around my ability to fall pregnant. Sometimes I can’t think clearly and my getting through my day is a huge achievement in light of the exhaustion that I feel.

So, no, PCOS doesn’t affect just my ovaries. It affects me. Some days I need to be given a little more grace or with more tenderness cause it’s just been one of those days.

I may be overweight but it’s not for lack of trying

Some people may look at me and think I’m lazy, that I really should stop eating so much or that I don’t care about the way that I look. That’s simply not true. Don’t judge me because of my size.

PCOS makes it so easy for me to gain weight and losing it again is a constant struggle. I am often careful about what I eat and am mindful that what I put in my body is either helpful or harmful.

So, please cut me some slack. I may be overweight but I’m working on it.

Fertility is a tricky issue

Fertility is a tough one. It’s not impossible for me to fall pregnant but it can take so much longer than the average woman and it can be a source of great heart ache. So, before asking if I’m pregnant because of my weight or when I am going to have children, please tread carefully.

And now there’s another thing to consider. If I do have children, it doesn’t mean that PCOS doesn’t affect me anymore. Remember that it affects more than just my ovaries.

PCOS is an expensive business

10-things-a-woman-with-pcos-wants-you-to-know-credit-cardHaving PCOS is an expensive business. Not only are there doctor’s bill and medications, there is also the cost of fertility treatment to consider. Eating properly to manage my PCOS is also crucial and healthy whole foods tend to be much more expensive than standard processed foods. So, treating my PCOS is an investment of time, money and energy. It’s an investment that I am prepared to make, though, to live my life to the full.

It’s Not Convenient

Have you ever spoken to a woman who is ecstatic about having their period? No? Well there are so many women with PCOS who haven’t had a natural period for months, if not years. When they do finally actually have a period, it’s cause for major celebration.

So, not having a period for a couple of years is not convenient. It’s a sign that there is something wrong with my body.

PCOS is not curable

At the moment, there is no cure for PCOS. This is something that I have to learn to live with. I may well get my symptoms under control but I need to make sure that I keep them under control.

So, everyday when I wake up, I make a decision that PCOS is not going to get the better of me. Today, I will work hard to stay healthy. Some days are better than others but on the whole, I will do everything that I can to keep my PCOS well managed and in control.

Sometimes I just can’t help it

10-things-a-woman-with-pcos-wants-you-to-know-emotionsThere are times when I know that I am being irrational or hormonal but sometimes I just don’t have control over my moods. I know that I can be difficult at times and it is something that I don’t particularly like. PCOS affects more than just my ovaries (have I said that before?)

My moods can get the better of me and I know that the mood swings are not fun for anyone. I’m really sorry and it is something that I am working on (as I work on getting all of my PCOS symptoms under control).

I am one of many

Unfortunately PCOS affects one in ten women worldwide. So, I am definitely not alone in my struggle with it. Considering there are so many millions of us affected by PCOS, I wish we had better support and understanding of what PCOS is and how it affects me.

I am determined

PCOS is not fun and does affect every area of my life. I am at risk for a lot of secondary health issues and it’s symptoms often make me feel unfeminine and unattractive.

BUT, PCOS does not define me and it is not who I am. I refuse to let PCOS dictate my story and I will keep going in my fight against it. I am determined!

I so appreciate you!

10-things-a-woman-with-pcos-wants-you-to-know-emotionsIt means the world that you have taken time out of your day to find out more about PCOS and how it affects so many of us. If you have PCOS yourself, thank you for sharing your struggles and for your support.

If someone you love has PCOS, thank you for loving her enough to learn about the many ways that PCOS affects her and what it means for her.

So, those are just some of the many things that were mentioned by women with PCOS

Is there anything else you would like people to know about PCOS that I have not already mentioned? Please leave me a comment below!

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Tarryn Poulton

Tarryn Poulton

Tarryn Poulton is a PN1 Certified Nutrition Coach and PCOS expert who has been a leader in the online PCOS space for over 8 years. Tarryn has the support of leading clinicians from around the world who support her scientific approach to understanding and talking about PCOS this includes all medical journals and ongoing research. You can read more about Tarryn and the team here.

251 Responses

251 Responses

  1. I have PCOS I had recently been diagnosed with it, I am 15 years old and have not had a period and am worried but my mum is saying not to worry so I’m trying not too, I also know I am over weight and am trying to do something about it and it’s hard for me to lose weight, I also am very hairy which I don’t like and it makes it difficult for me to change in front of other people anyone else get this? I’m sorry for too many details but I really wanna know if anyone gets it

    1. Hi Katherine. I also have PCOS I was diagnosed at 13. A young age apparently. I am now 22. I have only have 3 periods in my life time and only one was a natural period, it lasted all of a few days. If you can even call that a period lol. There are things the drs can give you to bring on your periods but it’s never 100% so dont be disappointed if it doesn’t work. I am also overweight and believe me it is the hardest thing growing up big and staying big. While your brothers and sister grow out of their weight and your there still putting it on. Hairy, I know all about hairy girl. Ill tell you where I have hair. On my chin, cheeks, top lip, neck, shoulders, chest, brests, belly and all over my legs. Im forever answering questions like are you a transgender? Why do you have a beard? Ect.. So far I have been on multiple pills and creams to try help with my PCOS I’ve even had 2 ovarian drillings and I’m still in the same predicament I was in from the start. Okay it’s not as bad now but it’s still bad in my eyes. I’m glad you came to this site instead of sitting there worrying about everything. If you are struggling with anything I’m more than happy to help you as much as I can. I’m pretty sure we all are on here 🙂 just remember one thing. Your not alone in this keep that chin high as there will be highs and lows and we are here for both them chick. Much love one PCOS women to another.. Xx

    2. Katherine,
      I found out about my PCOS at age 17 and am now 31 years old. I know exactly how you feel. At that age, my facial hair was very thick on my chin and side burns and had a very difficult time in high school from other students. What changed things for me was birth control,spironolactone and electrolysis. And now that diet and exercise are now known to help greatly, I keep a healthy lifestyle. So much information has come to light in the last 15 years that I didn’t have. Don’t rely on your doctor for info, but lean on this group for help and support.
      Best wishes!

      1. Erika I’m currently doing electrolysis and I’m curious if anyone knows how often you need touch ups. My favorite nurse whom has pcos and does my electrolysis said her maintenance is every 3 months for touch ups on full face. Has anyone had this and had fewer or greater than maintenance. I scrounged up every dime I could to get these facial treatments and they have made me feel like a women again. Before I would pluck and shave every day!!! It gave me acne and irritation so if I didn’t look like my brother I was broke out and in pain. I gained so much weight in two years of no periods at all. From that weight gain it looks as if I had a baby from the mass amount of stretch marks and belly fat. It’s very hurtful when you are wearing a bathing suit and people assume you have had a baby. Not just the appearance but the overwhelming feeling to just want to know the feeling to grow a baby in you and start your family. I’m 27 and my husband and I want nothing more. I explain this to others and I get there is always adoption. Nothing against adoption but, it’s just so insensitive to say that. I know I rambled from one subject to another I’m just so emotionally stressed with the everyday challenges.

    3. Try the gmdiet I tried it and lost weight it might help and get waxing done if u have hair issues all u out there try it I lost five to six kilo in a week I hope I make a little bit difference in ur lives I have been through this but after many years I have three children

    4. Hi, I understand I’m 15 years old too and was diagnosed three days ago with PCOS. I feel really uncomfortable changing around people especially changing in school or going swimming even though I am not overweight. I get hair too on my chin, toes, stomach and thighs. I have got this book which has loads of good things to eat if you have PCOS and what things to avoid. Also, instead of being on medication it has lots of different herbal remedies which I think is much easier to take ( I can’t take tablets)? But I completely understand what your going through as I’m basically in the same situation as you.

  2. Hi , Im Lean From Phil i Also have pcos since im 15 and got my first mens when i turn 16 but after that it tooks me 4 months to have mens again and then its become more rare im 21 now and my mens is always 2 times a year i already consult my ob and gave me a pills when im 17 i meet my boyfriend that now is my husband at first its ok to take the pills because im still young but now we want to have a baby but we cant ?? have one and im gaining weight every year i also feel pain that i feel like my uterus gonna fall down i hope i can have baby i always pray to god to have one ??

  3. I’m 38 years old. I have not had a period in over a year. I do not feel like a woman. all of the symptoms can be very embarrassing. body hair anyone??? I gain weight so easily no matter how much I watch my diet and exercise. I was lucky enough to get pregnant at 25. I think it was my one shot to have a child. it’s very isolating. I feel like I can’t relate to my girlfriends.

    1. I feel you girl, I can’t relate to any women I know because I don’t feel like one. I feel somewhat like a rare species.. Of misunderstanding and pain.
      People say I’m a hypochondriac and that I’m lazy or I’m not trying.
      I’m trying so much that I don’t know how much longer I will try for before I give up on myself.
      Other women with pcos have a special place in my heart.
      Much love.

      1. All you ladies who are saying you don’t feel like women,Please get stop saying like that and believe that we are made from mother nature and will be cured by nature itself. Nature has the power to heal. Have a good diet, stop stressing out and trust me, everything’s gonna be alright one day. After All no one gets out alive. And you beautiful ladies, nothing can stop you by living a life that you’ve always dreamed of. So stop worrying and follow natural remedies to cure yourself. Smile 🙂

    2. Body hair is so frustrating! The spironolactone I take is suppose to suppress the growth.. However, I am getting older, and it is getting worse.. I would think about something permanent for your face if you are younger. Apparently, it looks quite bad later as the large pores are present later.

    3. Hi marie. Im 22 years old I didn’t have a period til I was 11 there were times I’d have a period twice or month or every other month then i found out in late 2015 i had pcos i get what u mean about body hair i have it really bad on my upper arm and shoulders my neck my toes the top of my foot my fingers inbetween my thighs really bad on my arms and belly and upper lip its horendous and im not even ready for swimsuit season cuz of the hair and its so much to take care of i cant get pregnant because my husband isnt fertile so i dont think ill ever be able to have the joys of giving birth. I agree with feeling i cant relate to my girlfriends either but i habe one close friend who understands what im going thru and sbes always here for me so that helps me out alot.

  4. I m also suffering from pcos from last 4 yrs now I have decide to go on raw food diet .. As many of youtubrs suffrng from pcos have get their pcos dissolved completely jus bcoz of raw food diet

  5. I was recently diagnosed with PCOS this past year. I knew something was wrong in high school but didn’t get checked out. It really changed my life just by knowing but also from all the years of pain and depression. This article really helped me understand a little more but I still wonder if the physical pain will ever go away?! I am 23 years old and of my family my husband is the only one who really understands my hormonal imbalance and mood swings and other issues. Its hard when people your close to don’t believe you about your problems or even understand or care

    1. You are lucky that your husband understands. Mine don’t and it makes it really difficult. He even says it’s a choice I make each day to feel this way. I even send him the PCOS articles but all in vain.

      1. Ive had that said to me plenty of times… which made me even more depressed. The only way to deal with it is to throw water on him in the middle of the night and tell him its his choice to feel cold or not. It worked for me ;)… You work on yourself and dont care what other people think of you… no matter what you do, there will always be days when you are depressed or moody.. when that happens to me i do anything to make me feel happy like listening to music or il lay down and role play in my head(sort of day dreaming) just to cause happy feelings in my head…

        1. I’m so sorry ur husband does not understand! I’m so lucky mine does BC I need his support and help. I’ve got ppl trying to get me to buy oils saying this will help or it works pills. I understand it may help with some certain symptoms but it will not cure my pcos! My friends and family still don’t understand it at all. I try the day dreaming but then its like all of the sudden the bad memories come up. Itdoesn’t help living in a home with stress everyday!!

    2. It is hard when others don’t understand. I shared an article with my fiance and he understands more about why I am the way I am. Have you tried changing your diet? For me I had to cut out a lot of processed foods and I feel better

  6. Thank you for this article and a supportive environment to talk about PCOS. I was diagnosed two years ago at the age of 23 and I find most people don’t understand anything about the condition (which is understandable because I hadn’t even heard of it before my diagnosis) but they are so cruelly judgemental I the way I try to live my life – exercise, healthy foods, good sleep, relaxation. It makes it so difficult to help yourself when others treat you as if you are being a snob. Does anyone else feel this way?

    1. I’ve had to stop going to my family’s parties. They are so carb heavy and literally the only food item that doesn’t have carbs is the one meat dish. Mashed potatoes, potato salad, rice, macaroni and cheese, rolls, and an average of 5 desserts! Not a vegetable to be found and nothing sugar-free to drink except tap water.

      1. I was reading your comment and I just had to reply. My daughter has PCOS and we are very close so she shares a lot with me. Even though I don’t have it , I still had a hard time losing weight. We’d share ideas and diets to no avail for both of us. Then i ordered a book that has started me down a great road to my weight recovery and my daughter is starting to look into it too. You might want to check it out. There are women in it who gave their stories and several had PCOS that they ere able to change the course of. They all lost their weight and from their before and after pics they look so great. They talk about how good they feel now including the mood swings. The weight loss was not hard and was relatively quick. The book is put out by a MD who specalizes in weight issues. His name is Dr. William Davis and the book is “The Grain Free Cure”. I made a great chocolate cake in the microwave a few minutes ago and my husband loved it. (It only took me 3 min to cook.) That’s saying a lot because he’s hard to please. There’s grainless bread recipes, cookies, pies, biscuits and gravy and sooooo much more, Also can get even more on line. There is a huge group of people doing this and reclaiming their lives. This is what prompted me to write you—I wouldn’t go to family things ether until I realized that all I had to do was fill in the gaps of what they were serving with things I could have and bring them along. Pretty soon family was starting to want the recipes. Now their asking questions as they can see changes in me personally. Must be grain free not just wheat free. I.m never hungry and I love the food I eat. Win win Good luck and God Bless, Becky

  7. I was diagnosed at the age of 11 after being incredibly sick months before I ever got my first period. Unlike many of you with very irregular periods over years, mine started and just never stopped. Maybe for a week or so and got dangerously heavy. It took years of medication switches (probably due to growing up etc) to find a birth control that worked and it’s been a lifesaver. I’m currently on seasonal style because periods were so painful every month that it was better to skip them altogether. Also found that the hormones really do help my mood. The absolute worst days of my life are the first 2 days on placebo. It’s not just PMS, but severe mood swings and depression that doesn’t even out until I’m back on.

    I still deal with anxiety and depression on top of that. But overall, I am way healthier than I was in my teenage years. I’ve gained a lot of weight over the past 5 years which I’m struggling with. I was fairly skinny/average as a teenager but always had a belly and gained weight in a masculine way. But during that time, I often didn’t eat because I often had symptoms of nausea and cramps. So I’m trying to come to terms and embrace the fatness. Yes, I want to eat healthier (don’t we all!), but a lot of this pudge is here to stay and I’m grateful that I can stomach and enjoy food. PCOS used to stop my life for days and weeks at a time. I still have occasional painful flare-ups but nothing like that. I also have a super supportive husband and family who is no stranger to PCOS or endometriosis.

    As for treating the symptoms, “Obamacare” has really helped me out. I used to get denied by insurance companies for ANY coverage for being diagnosed too young. Then, I was on a religiously affiliated plan that refused coverage for BC and had poor women’s health coverage, despite BC being a treatment to an actual health problem. Now, my yearly visits and medication are free and one less stress.

    1. Hi Sarah, I also have the same issues. My menses can heavily bleed with blood clots for a month and stopped one week and it started again with the heavy bleeding for a month. I have my puberty at the age of 8. My family and I have been consult most of the gynae in Singapore and Malaysia but nobody can tell us why do I bleed heavily. After seeking so many opinions from different gynae doctor finally at the age of 24 Dr Joseph Ng diagnosed me as PCOS. indeed I did put on a lot of weight. Now I am trying my best to lose weight to improve my health.

  8. I have had PCOS for 20+ years. Fertility treatment for 1st baby. I am now pregnant with 2nd baby naturally. I have recently been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. The Diabetes Consultant advised this was caused by my PCOS and my BMI. Then I had to see Obstetric head Consultant, his word’s to me were ‘you know why you are diabetic is because you are overweight’, I said ‘yes and I have been told also because I have PCOS’ he said ‘you only get PCOS if you are overweight and because you are overweight you have caused the gestational diabetes’. I feel like a total failure. I have been trying hard for the last year or so to change my lifestyle and diet. I really feel the doctor is trying to shame me. I would also like to add he is the same consultant that repeatedly refused me fertility treatment for trying for a second baby.

    1. If you have any option, get a new doctor. This one has no understanding of PCOS and no compassion anyway. And if you are sruck with this schmuck, keep two things in mind. First of all, there are lots and lots of studies that demonstrate a genetic link- my mom, my aunts, many of my cousins have endocrine disorders. Second, I’m am a fairly thin woman- I still have PCOS despite being “healthy” weight. You didn’t cause yourself to have this health problem, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

      1. hey, my sister has PCOS, so I was curious about it. Ironically, I have autism, a condition that’s more common for PCOS offspring, and myself grandma had type 2 diabetes… I don’t have any symptoms I don’t think… Nov major acne issues, average weight, pretty regular periods (2+ months inbetween periods is rare for me)… might have slightly more body hair but not to the extent of my poor sister. she’s doing well though and once she found the cause for having PCOS symptoms, she’s been able to manage it much better. she just had a kid too. ; )

    2. You have a very dumb doctor. Find a new one. You are over weight because of PCOS AND the genetics that type 2 diabetes is in your future. Check into the LCHF (low carb high fat) way of eating. Dietdoctor.com, this way of eating will level these hormones out and you just may be able to skirt around type 2. I’m serios! I am type 2, by eating LCHF I was able to bring my A1c from 12.5 to a 6.1 in 6 months. Your doctors are not going to inform you, they just push medicine. PCOS and type 2 are cousins….it’s a hormone condition you were born with.

  9. Hi there, feel a bit out of place commenting on this article, but I must say thanks! I’m about to marry a beautiful 23yo girl… she struggles with PCOS.. but her determination to not let it take over is so inspiring! I can’t wait to look after her and love her right through everything, and your above article and the “PCOS explained to your partner” article are so well written to give me a really good understanding of her condition. thanks again!!

  10. I hated myself when I found out I had PCOS and would not be able to get pregnant ( I love children). I was diagnosed for almost 5yrs but realized something was wrong with me about 8yrs ago when I stopped menstruating. I have other symptoms but the one I’m mostly affected by is not menstruating. I would really appreciate your advise and encouragement, thanks much.

  11. Sounds like a hormone problem.

    You also need to eat plenty of fresh fruit & veg and cut out processed food to make sure it’s not a diet (what you eat) problem.

    If you eat a lot of garbage then you’ve only got yourself to blame.

    1. Sounds like you have a comprehension problem.

      If you have comprehension problems you should refrain from commenting on posts until you have taken a test in comprehension and confirmed that isn’t the problem.

      1. Kel,

        I think you said it better than I ever could’ve! Sue’s comment made me a little stabby along with many others. Thank you Kel!

    2. Sue, that comment was so very RUDE of you . Try educating yourself on more then what interest you fruit and veggies girl.

    3. My dear Sue, it is comments like these that keep cysters in the dark crying alone. I did not ask to have such a hormonal imbalance that my dream of having a child was ripped from me before my very eyes. I did not ask to have facial hair that mimics that of a man and causes children to point and ask embarrassing questions. I did not ask to not have a menstrual cycle for over a year, only to have to go to the ER for bleeding that won’t stop or cysts that have burst, which are quite painful by the way. I don’t resent you because of your comments, I only ask that you get more information before you comment. God bless.

    4. Sue,

      Women who struggle with PCOS may also be combating other physical issues that if you actually read the story above, makes it far harder to lose weight, even WITH proper diet and exercise.

      Here’s the good news, at least we can lose weight and be on par with your obviously judgmental standards, while you will still be a jerk as your problem isn’t medically supported.

      Sadly, there are people with bad personalities, like yours, that come onto a supportive post with women who are actually trying to better their lives and share understanding just to put their snide side comments in.

      It does make me wonder what has caused you to be the kind of spiteful woman that does this online where you can’t be confronted about your thoughtless words. I would be very interested to know if you would feel the same if this happened to you in five years, and your weight continued to rise despite shopping at organic food stores and exercising.

      However, I wouldn’t wish PCOS even on a mouthy bully like you, in fact, I wish you well but I do hope you will actually READ the article before commenting next time.

      – Kindest Regards,


      1. Yayyyyyyy well said Jaclyn!! My daughter has PCOS and does everything to help her condition, i watch how distressed she gets, its very upsetting as her Mum seeing her go through this, Sues words made me so angry, women can and eventually do succeed but ugly personalities like Sue never disappear!!!!

    5. Sue,

      It is women like you who have driven me to depression. I eat a raw diet, I only eat white meat, I juice one meal a day, I take supplements. I excercise daily. Yet I’m still overweight. My weight never changes, I just appear slimmer depending on how much water retention I have, which is linked to PCOS. I am not fat for lack of trying, it is part of this horrible, debilitating disease.
      You are the sole cause, with all your other simple minded friends, that seem to think it’s because we must all eat cake three meals a day. I I pray you never have to feel the emptiness of not being able to have children easily, or forking out your entire months wage in treatments for the hair on your face or the spots, or the acne inversa that comes hand in hand with PCOS. I hope you never have to experience thinking you’re pregnant because you have all the symptoms and your period hasn’t come for 12 weeks, to show up and be crippling. I hope you never have to experience a miscarriage because your uterine lining is too thin or too thick because of the lack of or excessive bleeding. I hope you never get up in a morning and have a bad day and think “why me, why must I have a beard to rival my husbands” or to be denied medical testing because they can’t or won’t treat you. To be passed from pillar to post and in and out of hospitals and doctors, just to get some sort of regular period. I really hope, for your sake, so the next person you say this to, to their face, doesn’t knock your lights out, that you practice engaging your brain before your mouth.
      What you have said is appalling, and you are the reason that people don’t speak out and are ashamed. I however, am not. I am one in ten, and I fight.

    6. welcome to the party, Sue. That’s exactly what PCOS is- a hormone problem. Good thing you were paying attention to the article instead of thinking up something nasty and hateful to say to belittle a bunch of women with a chronic illness that you clearly don’t suffer from or know squat about…..

      1. well said ladies!! special mention to Kel & Jen but how impressive is the rally round of support when just 1 person gets their facts wrong! Im glad i found this site cos when the chips are down its good to know theres real support out there. thankyou to you all xx

  12. I have unwanted hair and it’s increase. Untrasound say 10 multiple follicles in both ovaries.my period is normal.my weight is under control. Testosterone level is normal.is it pro. ?

      1. You can have polycystic ovaries without having PCOS. Sounds like that may be your case. Your doctor will need to diagnose it, though.

  13. My amazing daughter struggled with PCOS most of her life, she is now 35 years YOUNG, We knew nothing about PCOS, it was not until recently
    that she was properly diagnosed, and is now getting help. I can not
    tell you how thankful I am that she has found some relief. A mothers
    worst nightmare come true is watching your daughter suffer thru all
    of it’s cruel and debilitating symptoms. Awareness is key, I hope that more studies be done, and more doctors made aware of PCOS.

    1. Nanamom what have you and your daughter learned and can you share with up what is helping her? How did this become such an epidemic. This was not a fear when I was a young woman.. very sad

    2. Hi ibe been just recently diagnosed with pcos and im.37 i keep getting igregular periods and im struggling tp loose weight allthough ive changed my diet

  14. This article is very informative, many young ladies or women will be helped. Thank you for this information. I would love to share this to all my friends suffering from PCOS.
    When I was 18, I thought I have PCOS too, bec I had hormonal imbalance and had same symptoms given above. But I’m thankful that my condition improves.
    Now, I am helping my friends with PCOS how they will be able to improve their health. I would like to share what my friends and cousins taking why their health improve a lot. They are taking USANA Nutritional supplements for how many months now, and I saw how this nutritionals helped them. It was also recommended by their attending physician. I hope this will help everyone. Godbless!

  15. Thank you for addressing this. I am grateful for the work you do on behalf of helping women struggling with the day to day living with PCOS. I wish you would have emphasized the weight and acne struggle a bit more…I like how you put that it’s not laziness. I’d share the article, but it covers a lot about mood swings which make PCOS women sound bi-polar and we are not. Maybe that’s just how it read to me 😉 Again, thanks for addressing it in hopes of trying to educate the masses.

  16. Hi,

    I just was told I had POCOS a year ago. I always wondered why it was so easy for me to put on weight but hard to lose.
    even with my period being normal I am still having trouble falling pregnant. I weighted 69.9 Kg’s at the end of August, with hard work. Going to gym 5 to 6 times a week and avoiding all sugar and processed foods, I managed to lose 1.2 k not much for 3 weeks. but I take it. The best way to approach life is to be positive. I don’t take any meds, they just mess up your system, just vegi caps that my doctor has prescribed to me. he has given me 4 months to lose weight and fall pregnant before he puts me on fertility treatment. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    1. Hi Seshni,
      13mths ago my partner and i went on a 3 week detox diet with 3 weeks diet maintenance. While on the detox i fell pregnant. Being a much bigger girl and not having regular periods, i found out in May this year that i was 33 weeks pregnant and now have a beautiful little boy.

      We never planned a baby and weren’t trying at all as i was told that it would be highly unlikely that it would ever happen. We got used to the fact that the rest of our lives would be just us. I had very few symptoms and thought that it was an upset tummy. I’ve heard of other women having success falling pregnant while doing a detox.

      Not sure if this sort of diet would interest you, but might be worth a try before going on fertility treatment.

      Best of luck!

  17. Can anybody please help me if they’re in the same boat?

    My problem is I can never know for sure if I have PCOS or not! my symptoms are:
    – unwanted hair around my chin, side cheeks and around my belly button. but enough to pluck of with tweezer, not too much!
    – disturbingly painful periods, I have had painful periods ever since they started back when I was 12! the first day mostly is too painful to allow me to function normally

    Symptoms that I don’t have!
    – irregular cycle, my cycle is actually quite regular (Thank GOD!!!!)
    – weight gain – i’m fairly ok for my height and age, actually used to be quite skinny before I got married and even now put on 5kgs post marriage but still within a healthy BMI (although I do find it hard to lose any weight no matter what I do)

    the issue: I cant count the number of doctors I have seen for my condition, for years and years! some say I have PCOS, some say I don’t. its so confusing :'( after my marriage I got an internal ultrasound done and I did have some cysts so one doctor said yep its PCOS, but another one said no this number of cysts are normal.

    I don’t know what to believe, its exhausting and mentally stressful. I’m married but very young (24 yr). i want to have children some day, i love kids. but we’re not trying yet cz we’re both young. but then, if i do have PCOS, shouldn’t we start trying? or its still ok to wait?

    please, if somebody can relate to me, please give me some advice…

    1. An OBGYN can determine if you have PCOS. She can do a lab panel and some do an ultrasound and can see if you have cysts on your ovaries. I believe you only need to have three of the criteria to be diagnosed with PCOS.

    2. Many of your symptoms could be related to Endometriosis. You should try to find out exactly what you have. This condition can also cause infertility.

    3. I am 45 years old and I had PCOS before it had a name. My cysts were found the first time when I was 18. I had always suffered severe menstrual pain and infrequent periods. I married at the age of 21. My husband and I waited for 7 years of marriage before trying to have children. We had doctors try to get us to take fertility meds. We chose to let God decide. It took a year and a half for me to become pregnant with the first child. The second took only about 3 weeks. I went through a hysterectomy at 31 and had to have both ovaries removed.
      I don’t know that you have PCOS but it does sound like it to me. Any cysts can cause fertility issues even without ‘syndrome’ attached to them. My advice to you is to live your life the way you and your hubby had planned. If you are meant to have children then the time will be right at some point. Don’t stress out over the possibilities, just breathe and enjoy each other for now.

      1. Thank you Nita, your comment makes me feel so much better.

        You’re right, I really shouldn’t stress. My husband says the same, have faith in God, it will happen when He plans it for us! I just cannot imagine not having children 🙂

        For now, i’ll keep my focus on living and eating healthy till we’re both ready to try.

        Thanks again and a big hug!!!!!!!!!!

    4. I have the same problem.but how u manage your unwanted hair.? Plz help me.my period normal,testosterone level normal, weight under control. Is it pco . ?

      1. What’s worked wonders for me is the Remington iLight Pro machine. I did a ton of research on these machines before purchasing it & I’m happy w/this choice. It does say not to use on face but after reading several reviews from men that’ve used it successfully on face so they don’t have to shave I went for it. For me it does stop the hair from growing for a few glorious months, but if I forget to do the upkeep sessions during that time then I have to start over, which takes about 6 wks (during that time I do it every week on highest setting) to get back to no hair for awhile. Downsides: None of these ipl machines are cheap, they only work on dark hairs & on light skin-the fairer the better, so some nationalities it wont help which stinks &isn’t fair &They’re always making newer models so the replacement bulbs are only available online now. I’ve seen ads for a new one by another company that claims bulb never needs to be replaced &is safe to use on the face but I haven’t researched reviews on that one but for those reasons itd be worth looking into if you go this route. It’s not a pleasant feeling but neither is plucking. It’s not a one time thing, requires consistency but with continued use I really enjoy the break from these embarrassing hairs. For me this machine has helped raise my confidence a lot. Over the last year I haven’t been as vigil as I used to be with the machine so most days I’ll just shave. To my surprise when recently telling friends about pcos &this hair issue I was shocked that none of them ever noticed it! So after hearing that I’d say my #2 recommendation is shaving. My Dr also told me about a medication that controls the hair growth so you might want to ask your Dr about that. I chose not to take it as all this is so new to me (recently diagnosed with pcos &thyroid issues but have had the symptoms for years). So for now I’m going to stick with what has worked for me. Regardless if you have pcos facial hair isn’t fun, it did a number on my confidence. My main advice is dont give up finding the solution that works best for you, it took me years but knowing I have a way to treat it has made me feel so much better. Best of luck!

        1. What sort of price are these machines? I currently spend up to £50 on waxing my facial hair in a month…and still have points in the month when my self confidence suffers and it’s all I can do to leave the house for work. (I’m lucky in that I have the dark hair and very fair skin combo you said they’re good for)

  18. I’ve been struggling with PCOS for a long time. I was diagnosed with pcos when i was 14 y/o and i am 30 y/o now. I want people to know how hard it is to not know when you will have your period. Or how much expensive medications can be.. Including ultrasounds, pap smears,etc.. I’ ve been struggling to get pregnant for sometime.. I am married for a year. It is such an devastating feeling when you have all the symptoms that will tell you that you are pregnant but when you checked using a pregnancy kit the results is negative. It is hard to schedule your love making since you are unable to determine when you are fertile or if you are getting fertile in your monthly cycle. I’ve cried a lot. I’ve tried metformin, pregnancy inducing medication and all bu the result was negative.. I know my husband understands the situation but do other understand us. It breaks my heart whenever someone ask us, when are you planning to have a child? Your getting older, have achild now!! If that could be that easy.

    1. Same here. But i managed by having an active lifestyle and healthy diet. Im taking supplements instead of fertility pills. I also take a fat loss program. Lose 5kls of fat in 2 months and counting. All of these, helps with my confidence, appearance and mood swings. Hoping to get pregnant this year. Im 31 btw, 8 yrs married and no kid yet. Dont lose hope sis 🙂

      1. You ladies inspired me! I have pcos but I was blessed with a little boy and he will be turning 9 this year. I wanted another child but it is not happening no matter how we try, meds and all. I’ve also been experiencing weight gain, mood swings, depression recently worst than before.. I’m starting to lose hope but after reading posts in this blog I started to realize cha is right. We shouldn’t let pCoS limit us as a woman and that we should take control. Active lifestyle, healthy diet and most importantly have a strong faith! It will happen for us! God bless you ladies!

    2. Even I have felt the same. It feels so bad when someone asks us that question. I can understand how you feel. Don’t know what to do about it. Just keep trying and hope for the best.

  19. To all you ladies I want to say read Louise L. Hay
    ” You Can Heal Your life”
    I am 36 happy and healthy all the symptoms under control (;

  20. I am 24 y.o. I was diagnosed with PCOS in Feb 2015. I told the OBGYN that my husband and I were ready to start a family but I couldn’t get pregnant. It definitely bothers me when people say when are you going to having children, the answer in my head is YESTERDAY if I were able to. 😐 But instead I explain to them that I have PCOS, so it may take me a little more time than any other woman to become pregnant. I have decided that I need to become a healthier me before I become pregnant. I have hope for my husband and I, and I am so grateful at how patient and understanding he is with all of this. ♥ 🙂

  21. I was diagnosed when I was 16. I have never had much support fron those around me. Most of my family thunks I am using it as an excuse to be fat and often times make fun of me for it. Peoplr also don’t understand how painful it is. I struggle with pain every day. I hate being looked at like I’m such a freak and that why don’t I simply lose weight. Members in my family have suggested that ifI just have a hysterectomy or gastric bypass surgery that I will be healed. Its so disheartening

    1. Hi Megan I know exactly how you feel Hun the only member of my family that has tried to understand what I’m going through is my mum and husband but not even they know just how hard it really is they still (unknowingly) (I hope anyway) have digs at my weight the rest of my family and friends just think it’s a joke and an excuse for my size I got to the point where I don’t talk to most of them anymore I even printed out some of the symtems and fact on pcos at one point and gave them all a copy and still got the digs and remarks so I understand how you feel I was diagnosed at 18 have struggled with my weight all my life and still do I am trying to get it under control me and my hubby have been tring for a family of our own for the past 5 and a half years only managed to get the docs to finally listen and help in the last two years and still to no success the only thing that keeps me going on a daily basis is the hope that one day I will get my dream and become a mother stay strong and keep up the fight to all you ladies out there with pcos (don’t get me wrong it is hard and the depression and hormones make it even harder but try and stay strong follow your heart and hold on to your dreams after all if we don’t have dreams what else do we have??) good luck and baby dust sent to everyone that is trying to conceive stay strong xx

  22. Hi! This is such a nice article, i was diagnosed with pcos when i was 13, i have been the subject of laughter in school, bullied by the pretty girls in an all girls’ school, when i was diagnosed, i wanted to explain to everyone why i was so big and why i looked like a guy. Walking at the mall, people call me sir and i have never been more embarrassed, but what was i supposed to do? I tried to diet to the point of not eating just to lose some weight. I cannot relate with friend when they talk about periods cause i only had i once. As time went by i learned that it’s all up to me on how i handle the criticism i get. So i learned to just let it go, and valued the friends who took time to learn of my condition and help me get through high school. I haven’t had a boyfriend ever, probably because no one was ever interested, and if it never comes i accept it fully and i’d be happy with whatever i have. Thank you for this article!

  23. I struggle with the hairy part of it, my face and neck area make me feel like less than a woman and it’s also on my chest. Has anyone else dealt with this? I’ve heard pros and cons to laser hair removal and electrolysis but this is such a painful experience more so than the fertility issues associated with PCOS. I’m tired of hiding.

    1. I tried laser hair removal but it didn’t work. Unfortunately, my PCOS was not under control and that may be why it didn’t work. Once I get closer to getting my weight under control as well as my hormones, I plan on trying electrolysis.

    2. I have the same problem! I have been hairy from my face ever since I was in high school but didn’t know I had PCOS until I got married and had my first baby! And then the hairy part got worse! There are days where it hurts my chin from plucking or shaving! And all that laser removal is expensive! And even when I tried eating better and I end up loosing weight and getting a regular period the hair is still there! My husband has learned to love me the way I am and even jokes around at how I’m harrier than him but understands! I think just try to be happy and try your best to feel feminine! It’s in the mind sometimes, the more you think about it the more depressing it gets! I share your hairy pain!

    3. Hey Toni, I’ve had facial hair since I was in grade school. I have used all the hair removal products and services and now I have decided that I will always have patches of facial hair. I shave most of it and pluck hairs here and there. I used to be so self conscious of it! I still am at times but I don’t let it be the main thought in my mind when in public.

  24. Acne is one of my biggest struggles! Some days I wake up with up to 5 new zits on my face. I have slight scarring. Right now I have an acne medication that I put on face every night and I wash it at least 2 times a day and that is helping me so much! I have never had such bad acne like I do now at 27 years old. I was diagnosed with PCOS at 23 after my period randomly skipped 8 months. Acne, unwanted extra body hair, ring around my neck, weight gain, mood swings/depression/anxiety are my biggest struggles. Stay strong ladies!

    1. Hello Eryn,

      Acne is my biggest struggle too! I never had any acne until I was diagnosed by PCOS. Now, every day I wake up and have a new zits on my face, specially near chin area. I tried so many different things but no solution. You said that you are trying acne medication that helps you. If you don’t mind, Can you please let me know what medication works for you? I can try it on me and see whether it works for me or not. It will be a great help for me.



      1. Jarmy, the acne medication I get it from a site called pocketderm. Pocketderm has licensed dermatologists from across the country that help people who struggle with acne. They prescribe a treatment that you put on your face (and anywhere you have acne) and within a month mine cleared up at least 50%. I don’t have very good insurance so when I found Pocketderm I decided to give it a try because what do I have to lose! They send you the treatment as needed but it does cost $20/month. But to me it is worth it because I have seen my skin change so dramatically. If you get a medication and don’t feel it is working you can message the dermatologist they give you and they will help you to figure out what will work! You can find them on Instagram, YouTube (which is where I found it) and there are a ton of testimonials. Sorry if I sound like a commercial but it really has worked for me better than anything. And as an added bonus my dermatologist I got assigned to has given me a ton of tips about skin care for women with PCOS!

        Then the face wash I use is biore deep pore charcoal cleanser and that also has helped! Another cleanser I’ve used that has dramatically helped my acne before is Lush’s dark Angels!

        Hope I helped! 🙂

        1. Eryn, thank you so much for your help. I will definitely try out that medication. Hopefully that helps me for my acne. Appreciate your help. 🙂

    2. Hi. I had the extreme acne. I often heard people making jokes about “connecting the dots” when I was out in public. I was diagnosed a year ago with PCOS but my doctor feels I may have had it longer than that due to my inability to get pregnant years ago. I went to a dermatologist and was prescribed Accutane. It’s expensive but it worked wonders for me and my insurance covered it. I used it for 6 months and my face is completely clear. The only issue is you CANNOT get pregnant while taking this medication. It can cause birth defects in unborn children. I had to have pregnancy tests monthly to make sure I wasn’t pregnant. The medication closes your oil glands. I just have to moisturize more often. I use Cetaphil several times a day.

      1. I tried many different treatments for my acne and the last resort was Accutane as it was the strongest. A tablet you take daily and it cleared my skin up in 6 months, i get the odd one now and then. I was told to use Centaphil as well, it works wonders. I now use a face scrub everyday and my skin has improved immensely

  25. Hi!

    Are supplements like vitamins allowed to be taken if you have pcos?

    You mentioned about weight gain,mdo u also recommend a weight management program if you have pcos?

    1. Yes! There are supplements that can help you in managing your hormonal imbalance. I, too, i
      used to have irregular menstruation but bec of the supplememts I took, now I have my regular period. 🙂

    2. Yes! There are supplements that can help you in managing your hormonal imbalance. I, too, used to have irregular menstruation but bec of the supplememts I took, now I have my regular period. 🙂

  26. I didn’t know anything about myself having pcos until the couple of years, and I have it to be a huge bother, but it has explained so much. I am now in my late thirties and TTC, are there any things I can do to help that process that I may not be doing already? This article is amazing, and I will have my entire family read it to better understand what I go thru in the daily because they all think I’m just over emotuinla and hard to get along with and I’m doing it on purpose. Thank you so much, I honestly felt alone until I became a part of this community!

  27. This makes me very sad to hear of these ladies that have no hope of getting well. This may sound very drastic,but ladies check out “Forks Over Knives” and their dvd of testimonies of people getting off the prescriptions they are on because of the change in their diet. The doctors only know what they’ve been taught unless they search out other things themselves. So they don’t realize our bodies are made to heal themselves if given the right nutrients. I bet any one that really searches this out and follows the whole plan will get well and not have to go thru these things in this article. There is hope!

    1. I’m not sure you actually read the article in question. Try reading it and putting your bias aside and maybe you will find enlightenment.

  28. I have PCOS since i was 13, I got pregnant accidentally when I was 20, So i thought I was cured already.. To my dismay I wanted to have a baby again at 30, but I just cant Coz of PCOS..it is devastating coz now my husband is dead and it was our ultimate dream to have a son.. 🙁

  29. I was diagnosed with pcos at 12. The doctor said I will have probems getting pregnant when I come of age. It sucks vecause tis was never corrected. It was just too expensive for my family to take care of this when I was youngER. Now that I am married for 7 years, I have fertility issue. Correcting the pcos when i was younger had been diffult (financially) fertility is also difficult for someone in the philippines because fertility clijic are inaccessible and expensive. This is causing issues with my marriage.

    1. Hi Mel I’m also from Philippines and I just learned less than a month ago that I have PCOS and its so depressing. I have a twelve years old son, now I know why it’s so hard for me to get pregnant again and why I gain too much weight. I’m trying to conceive too, talking it with my doctor. What medicine are you taking?

  30. I have been married for 8 years and had PCOS since I got married. Although my period has always been regular I easily put on weight and not so easily lose it. I had 3 miscarriages 2 because I wasn’t aware I had PCOS and therefore didn’t take the right precautionary meds and a recent one like 10 days ago because it was an accident and I think my PCOS is back with a vengeance. I have 2 beautiful children. But it’s hard to go through this. Physically and emotionally very draining. It feels good to see women support one another on an issue that many people are still not fully aware of.

  31. Ever since I was 12 y.o., I’ve always had irregular mentruations. I was very active then, but come college, I started to lay low on my physical activities. That was when I started getting bigger, heavier and my self esteem became lower. I was diagnosed when I was 21 or 22y.o.. I’m now 34 y.o., married for almost 10 yrs. we still do not have any children, but we are very happy because we were able to talk about it before we got married. Having a very understanding husband is such a blessing, and I am very thankful for it. The problem is, the people around us keeps on asking what I believe are very rude questions and opinions. These people, mostly those who are elderly do not have any sense of discreetness. They bluntly tell me that the reason I am not able to get pregnant is because I am very fat and that my uterus is covered with fat. They would even ask me if my husband also has something wrong with him. Then comes the numerous unsolicited advises.
    There are times when I get very rude comments regarding my size and it really really hurts. Although I can shake the feeling off when it’s just me, I feel like it’s my fault whenever those incidents happen when I’m with my husband or anyone else. Because my husband gets confrontational when he hears someone on the streets laugh or talk about my size. I feel like I’m the one at fault. Well, I know that I’m not, but it doesn’t stop me from feeling that I am. These are just some of the struggles. Reading this articles makes me cry because it hits me, that so many women feels how I feel. I just hope that like me, you get all the support that you need from your partner, family, and friends. Thank you for writing this article. Saves us some time in explaining how hard our life is, how much we need the support of others, and how much we do not need the bashing, the intrusiveness, the insensitivity of those who just wants to put others down to make themselves feel good.
    Again, thank you! We can survive this! My love goes to everyone! ???

    1. Hey I can relate with the part that husband being understanding but society and people around you always asking questions?
      I sometimes feel like screaming and telling everyone I cant and don’t want to have kids does anyone have a problem with that.
      I easily get depressed just thinking about what all people can say to hurt you.

    2. Hi, my story is very similar to yours. I was an athlete through school toll I got to university and then the weight starting building up. I lost some but after graduating my weight jumped from 80kg to 90kg and I wasn’t eating terribly. I went to the doctor and explained what happened. Got a scan and that’s when I was told in my late 20s I had PCOS. The doc said ‘you need to lose weight and your ideal bmi is xxx’. Going to the doc and hearing that was the worse thing ever. I was also told I won’t have kids etc. I was prescribed metformnin, the dosage was pretty high and had all sorts of side effects but it seemed like it worked cause I felt a bit better, moods got a bit better and I fell pregnant. But I went off it because I don’t believe pumping myself with the drugs or going on the pill. I found quite a few pcos clips on YouTube, a lady went completely natural and her symptoms got better.

      But a lot of people are so ignorant and hurtful about others. Like saying why are you fat? It can be awful.

      Thabkfully I have 3 kids now, managed to lose about 17kg of weight. Much happier but still the mood swings, hair in odd places is there but I feel like it’s more manageable now.

    3. Not once in my life have I ever heard of there being too much fat around a uterus for someone to get pregnant. They are just building on stereotypes and making crap up.

      Having a supportive husband is a lifesaver and he even puts up with my irrational mood swings. Luckily, I’ve never had to deal with stigma within my family. Most of the female family members have this or endometriosis or both.

  32. Hi there! It’s my first time to read this article. I’m not sure if I am diagnosed with this PCOS but when I had my check up before, the OBGYNE just said that I have hormonal imbalance. Is it still the same with PCOS? The OBGYNE just told me that it is normal to chubby girls and it is not complicated. I just need to exercise to have a regular period because taking pills is too young for my age (when I was 17 or 18).

    Btw, I’m 19 years old now. I experience the same symptoms. It took me a year and months to have period. When I got myself an exercise consistently for a week, I had my period that lasts more than a week then back to irregular for a year.

    I admit now that I’m still irregular because I’m lazy to have my exercise and diet due to my school schedule.

    Are these sharings of mine have connection with the PCOS?
    Thank you so much!

    1. What you describe does sound like it could possibly be PCOS. To actually get diagnosed with PCOS, a fertility specialist did both blood work and a vaginal ultrasound on me – not sure what kind of testing you had done, but if you are concerned, you could always go back to get testing specifically for PCOS.

      You also may want to consider getting a second opinion on the birth control pills. I was under the impression that if you aren’t trying to get pregnant, these are commonly recommended for women with PCOS to keep them regular (and avoid build up of the endometrium). I know there are other medication options too though, so it may just be worth looking into more.

      1. Hello! Thank you! When I tried to OBGYNE, the doctor just ultrasound me to check if there’s a conflict. Then she just asked me questions about my situation of being irregular.

        She just recommended to do exercise regularly instead of taking pills since I’m still young for those matter (which is usually for those women who wants to get pregnant). So I think, the PCOS diet here will be helpful.

        Thank you. 🙂

  33. Having struggled with this for over 15 years, it’s comforting to read that others feel the same way that I do. People don’t understand why I am overweight. They think I don’t eat healthy, that I over eat and that I am lazy. On the contrary, but my body is my own worst enemy. I am very fortunate to have a fabulous husband that loves and supports me through all of my PCOS struggles. After all of this time, I still am learning how to live with this. It takes a lot of effort every day.

  34. I am 24. I was diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 19. I was 4 months delayed and was beginning to worry that I might be pregnant. Being in a conservative country, I discreetly went to a doctor to have myself checked. After the test, I was told I have PCOS. I remember being confused how this could happen to me.

    During brunch that same day, I was disappointed at the thought that I will have trouble having children. It has always been my dream to become a mother.

    5 years has passed. I’ve been having regular periods, skipping a month every once in a while. I’ve been having bad mood swings though. It is a constant struggle. But I am positive that we will overcome this obstacle 🙂

  35. Such a great article. Having had pcos for so many years and so little information about it, I thought it was just a condition I had to live with. A friend recommended me this site and I can’t wait to start taking control of my body now. Thank you…..

  36. I’m 42 and started having trouble with cysts on my ovaries when I was 14 years old. I’ve had the same OBGYN through the whole mess. Of course my problems didn’t get unbearably worse until up in my middle 30s. Severe pain during the only period I would have for months. I should own stock in pregnancy tests. I knew before my doctor what was going on with me and for years she would say no you don’t have that because you haven’t had problems getting pregnant. My husband and I were blessed with three sons that are each 4 years apart. Our last two children were conceived using birth control to stop the horid gut wrenching painful periods and to shrink the cysts lol. Hang in there you’ll be blessed soon enough. I finally had a hysterectomy two years ago and have a better outlook on life. Now I must loose weight and get this beard and mustache layered off. The dark ring around my neck is gone but I still have the dark dirty looking skin under my arm pits. And did anyone mention the skin tags. I’m about tired of those too.

    1. Hi Christina! Been suffering from pcos after my ectopic pregnancy. My period usually lasts for more than a month. My friend reccommended nu skin product ageloc r2. After a month of using it, i notice that my skin got better and more importantly, it regularized my period (3-5 days). I noticed that i lose some weight too. No taking of pills for me since then. 🙂

  37. I struggled with nor knowing why I would not get my cycle for months, even over a year throughout high school and my adult life. Just imagine the thoughts going though my mom’s mind when I told her I wasn’t getting it. I did see a doctor and they diagnosed me with endometriosis in July of 2001. After surgery nothing changed, except for the pain. When it came to me wanting to start a family I struggled with the fact of not being able to get pregnant. After years of trying finally a doctor diagnosed me with having endo,which I knew, and PCOS! Finally some answers to my many years of stuggles. I did finally become pregnant and at the age of 23, the day before my 24 birthday, I found out I was having a baby girl! It took a lot of medical intervention but it worked. Between taking medicine to start my cycle, fertility meds on days 5-9 of cycle and taking my basil temp while charting it out for the doc is what worked for me. I over came PCOS with my determination. Need to keep your head up and take charge of everyday like this didn’t exist.

    1. Hi ! Blessed be your heart for sharing this article i have been diagnosed with pcos since 2005 i was only 23 then you name it absence of period or amenorrhea excessive hormonal imbalance i had pimple breakouts as of early 2010 then i went back to taking pilla but sadly i already developed hypertension so my lovely obgyn prescribed with provera. Instead to help me have period for months however the side effects of it made me soooo emotional depressed and was asked to see a shrink. It cost me a lot and my job and the respect and the judgment of people around me. I still am overweight. Still facing it but i really cant control how people perceive me even my own family think its an easy feat. They just thought i am defensive and overly sensitive. Until i grew tired of explaining myself but i am still in faith i will get pregnant and will be able to manage it by the grace of God

    2. Hi ! Blessed be your heart for sharing this article i have been diagnosed with pcos since 2005 i was only 23 then you name it absence of period or amenorrhea excessive hormonal imbalance i had pimple breakouts as of early 2010 then i went back to taking pilla but sadly i already developed hypertension so my lovely obgyn prescribed with provera. Instead to help me have period for months however the side effects of it made me soooo emotional depressed and was asked to see a shrink. It cost me a lot and my job and the respect and the judgment of people around me. I still am overweight. Still facing it but i really cant control how people perceive me even my own family think its an easy feat. They just thought i am defensive and overly sensitive. Until i grew tired of explaining myself but i am still in faith i will get pregnant and will be able to manage it by the grace of God

  38. Hello, my girlfriend has pcos, i often read up about it mainly symptoms to see what and how it affects her. For her mood swings, depression and self esteem stand outs and at times its been hard for both of us. But i try my best to keep her happy by letting her know i love her and how beautiful she is. shes trying so hard to lose weight and personally im proud of her. Seeing the other half struggle with pcos does hurt i hate seeing my girlfriend down about herself.
    I didnt have any questions i just wanted to saAbout how my girlfriend is with pcos and how hard it is and how i try and help obviously i cant do a lot its nice to see her smile when i say these things.

  39. I was just diagnosed 2 weeks ago at age 32. Very challenging and hard to make it during the day without a breakdown. My dr is fantastic, and i have a great support team, but nice to read this article. Thank you for sharing this.

  40. My endocrinologist put me on metformin and Aldactone and Byetta to help control my pcos.. I was able to lose weight and also the ring on my neck went away!! I feel u guys pain bc I hated wearing my hair up cuz my neck looked so dirty! That is actually a sign of pre-diabetes!! My endocrinologist has been the best and provided way more support than my on ever did! I was diagnosed after I had my daughter and couldn’t get pregnant again! Was on birth control when I did conceive. Just keep ur faith and belive the good Lord will make ur dreams happen 🙂 as it has been disheartening that I haven’t been able to have another child I know my daughter is my miracle. I lost 150 pounds and still no results so the Dr’s can harp all they want but weight loss isn’t the answer to everything! I lost the weight with help of meds mentioned earlier and sticking to low carb diet no more than 1300 calories. A huge fight and struggle daily taken 4 Years but worth the lifestyle change and just cuz we fall off one day just hop back on! We can accomplish and beat this!!

  41. I have PCOS , I’m now in my late 40s, I was told at the age of 15 I would never have children. Fertility Treatment in my 20s caused a weight gain of 20kg in 6weeks but no success with pregnancy, my weight has continually increased over the years. But God blessed me with a child at the age of 42, with no medical intervention. He was born 3 days after our 18th Wedding Anniversary. I still have a problem with my weight, coupled with facial hair, mood swings etc. But I have a great life with many blessings and PCOS is a small part of my life.

    1. Losing weight can help improve your chances of getting pregnant. That’s one of the many problems PCOS causes. It’s a double blow. It’s hard to get pregnant and on top of it your body prefers a healthy weight in order to get pregnant, but PCOS makes it very difficult to lose weight and extremely easy to gain.

      1. I’m having that issue I’m 27 been diagnosed since I was 16. I have a really hard time losing weight and keeping it off. But I want to have a baby really bad I don’t have any children. Do you have any ideas that may help me?

  42. What a great article, am 24 I was diagnosed with pcos since 18 , am now on my 20s , really just thinking about the future at first I did not take it so serious as I get older , I start to read about pcos am always google Ling pcos, then I came across this site on fb I recommend it to a couple friends, I read most of the article you post , I started to try the gluten free and no dairy , like u mention it’s not a diet it’s more of a life changement, with whole food being so expensive I am now unemployed , unable to continue , I tried it for a week last week and I defenently felt the difference and seen the difference am looking forward to continue this lifestyle change in my health I wanna have control of pcos I don’t want pcos to take control of me . Thanks to ur blogs u am now able to understand pcos better and help myself and others by sharing your ideas .

    Great work !!

  43. Last year my 20 year old daughter was diagnosed with PCOS. I remember that day with a heavy heart. She was told over the phone while she was alone. She wasn’t given much hope along with her diagnosis and was devastated. She called me crying and heartbroken. I happened to be in the check out line at Hobby Lobby and the cashier overheard our conversation. When I hung up she saw the tears rolling down my face and consoled me with these words, ” I too have PCOS. Doctors told me there was a 1% chance I would have children. But with time, prayer and just finding the right specialist I am now a mom.” She asked for my daughter’s name and looked her up on Facebook to offer support. She told me she would pray for us and told me to tell my daughter to stay strong and not lose hope. I continue to pray for that lovely young lady and hope God blesses her ten fold. I pray for my daughter daily and know in God’s time we will be blessed with a beautiful addition to our family. Thank you for this eye opening article. God bless you!

  44. I have pcos and I know personally that people don’tundeestand what stuggles we have to go though. I was told that it would Be hard to get pregenat. I was 30 when I had my first kid, but I had to be put on a pill to get pregnant.

  45. I have literally just printed this out and put it in an envelope to send to my OBGYN. The last visit she flat out told me I needed to eat healthier and exercise. I told her I was and her response was “yeah right.” I have been with her for 18 years… and she knows about my PCOS diagnosis from a fertility specialist she referred me to. In my note, I was kind and polite and thanked her for the care she gave me but felt it was time that I “fire” her and find a doctor that understands and is sympathetic to women with PCOS. I am a brat, I know… but the things she said to me at my last appointment were completely uncalled for.

    1. I had a similar experience last year with my Obgyn… I told her we wanted to try to get pregnant her response to me was lose 50 lbs and come back and see me then…. If it was easy for me to lose 50pounds I would do it In a heartbeat!!! I changed my dr this year! Good Luck!!

      1. My endocrinologist put me on metformin and Aldactone and Byetta to help control my pcos.. I was able to lose weight and also the ring on my neck went away!! I feel u guys pain bc I hated wearing my hair up cuz my neck looked so dirty! That is actually a sign of pre-diabetes!! My endocrinologist has been the best and provided way more support than my on ever did! I was diagnosed after I had my daughter and couldn’t get pregnant again! Was on birth control when I did conceive. Just keep ur faith and belive the good Lord will make ur dreams happen 🙂 as it has been disheartening that I haven’t been able to have another child I know my daughter is my miracle. I lost 150 pounds and still no results so the Dr’s can harp all they want but weight loss isn’t the answer to everything! I lost the weight with help of meds mentioned earlier and sticking to low carb diet no more than 1300 calories. A huge fight and struggle daily taken 4 Years but worth the lifestyle change and just cuz we fall off one day just hop back on! We can accomplish and beat this!!

    1. Yes I can relate to that I literally have 3 different skin tones it’s so embarrassing when people asking u al the time why under your neck so dark , but I do notice when I excersice and eat healthier the discoloration make a Lil bit if difference.try to eat healthier and a regular routine of excersice I know it’s not easy I struggled with it everyday . Just pray God give u courage . Hope this could help you let’s manage our pcos and not let it take over the happiness in our life .

    2. I too have that discoloration on my neck but have regular periods and no fertility issues. I have weight issues and ovarian cysts tho. Could I still have pcos?

  46. What a great article!

    Another one for you – extra hair! I know I have it, I spend a lot of time and money trying to deal with it with varying degrees of success. Thanks for not staring and not mentioning it.

    1. I have had great success with laser hair removal! I asked my OBGYN for a recommendation, and found someone who understands and knew what she was doing! I am now wearing my hair in a ponytail when i didn’t before!

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