Weight loss with PCOS: Why is it SO hard?

How many times have you been to the doctor only to be told to lose weight to improve your Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome symptoms? Easier said than done, right! We know that weight gain and difficulty with weight loss with PCOS is part and parcel of the condition and we seem to be fighting a constant battle with the scale. But, why is it so darn hard to lose weight? Just what is it about PCOS that makes weight loss seem virtually impossible?


Let’s have a look at what is happening in our bodies and what some of the research says about weight loss and PCOS.

Insulin Resistance and the Role of Insulin in PCOS

Insulin is an important hormone that is responsible for metabolizing glucose or dealing with sugar in our blood stream. It transports sugar to the muscles and if the body has more glucose than is needed, insulin is involved in the process of storing it as fat should we need it later (1).

Research shows that women with PCOS have some kind of dysfunction in the cells responsible for secreting insulin (Beta cells). It seems that these cells are responsible for detecting sugar in the blood stream and may over react, producing more insulin than is needed. This means that more glucose is stored as fat (2).

Also, many, but not all, women with PCOS also have insulin resistance (3). This means that your body needs more insulin than normal to deal with sugar in your blood stream. High levels of insulin cause your body to store more fat and also causes your ovaries to make more testosterone, making the symptoms of PCOS worse (4).

Unfortunately, Insulin and Insulin resistance is only one piece of this puzzle and isn’t the only reason that we struggle to lose weight…


Slow Metabolism

Women with PCOS have also been found to have a slower metabolic rate. Basal metabolic rate is the number of calories you need every day to function. This includes keeping your heart, brain and organs going, eating and digesting food, etc (5).

In a recent study, researchers found that women without PCOS needed roughly 1868 calories per day whilst women with PCOS only needed around 1445 calories per day, and those with insulin resistance needed even less (6).

This means that women with PCOS do not need as many calories per day as the average women as metabolism is much slower in women with PCOS. It doesn’t seem very fair, does it? We don’t need as many calories as the average woman but we fight fierce cravings and tend to feel hungry all the time. What’s up with that?

Appetite Control

There are a number of hormones involved with hunger and appetite control. Some of these include ghrelin,

Cholecystokinin and leptin. Recent research has shown that women with PCOS do not feel as full or satiated after meals as women who don’t have PCOS (7).

This means that women with PCOS will continue to feel hungry, even if they have eaten all of the nutrients and calories they require.

Summing it Up:

So, this is the frustrating story for many of us with PCOS. We gain weight quickly and struggle to lose it as a result of our:

  • Difficulties with insulin
  • Slower metabolic rate
  • Disordered appetite control

Thankfully, though, this isn’t the end of our story and there are some things we can do to help us lose weight. We’ll get on to this in the next blog post.

This may seem like a hopeless article but I do want to encourage you! Yes, losing weight is important in managing our symptoms, but it isn’t an easy road. If you are struggling with weight loss, heart that it’s probably not through lack of trying and it’s not all in your head. Your fight to lose weight is real and it is shared by thousands of other women who also have PCOS!

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Tarryn Poulton

Tarryn Poulton

Tarryn Poulton is a PN1 Certified Nutrition Coach and PCOS expert who has been a leader in the online PCOS space for over 8 years. Tarryn has the support of leading clinicians from around the world who support her scientific approach to understanding and talking about PCOS this includes all medical journals and ongoing research. You can read more about Tarryn and the team here.

245 Responses

245 Responses

  1. Hi I wasn’t ur suggestions plz I’m 19 and I HV got hypothyroidism and I got pcos ajd I’m gaining my weight worthlessly can u plz suggest me to loose weight and the reason of my weight gain plz

  2. Hi all,

    I really need some help with my pcos diagnosis. I have gained weight (maybe half a stone to a stone) within the last 5 months, although my diet has always been extremely healthy. I recently saw a gynecologist, and have slightly changed my diet to only 3 – 4 protein based meals in a day (almost completely going off carbs and the only sugar I eat is the occasional piece of fruit). I have horrific bloating issues, nausea, tiredness, and have also been diagnosed with anxiety and depression because of pcos. I am taking metformin, glucobay, and estrogen, but don’t know how much more I can take with the self esteem issues I’m facing with the weight gain. Does anyone have any suggestions? Many thanks

    1. I hear you and it’s so unfair. Try to have faith and keep going with the lower carb diet. As for the self-esteem, learn how to love your body by doing the things you do when you adore something: fuss over it.

      Dress it well – buy clothes that fit you now (not at the weight you want to be or so large they don’t show your shape). If you can’t bear to do it yourself, get someone you trust to help pick out clothes that look good on you now. Trust their judgment – there are things that look good on you now.

      Take care of it – use body lotion, give yourself manicures, pedicures and facials and get a nice haircut.

      Get some – if you’re married or involved with someone, get out of your self-hating head and go pounce on them.

      Have fun – your body reacts to stress and self-hate by producing cortisol, which stores energy in the form of fat around your tummy. YAY! Instead of using that wonderful brain to spiral down into depression, get out of the house and give it something else to think about.

      You are so much more than your weight – people love you because of who you are, not because of your shape. If they love you because of your shape, they don’t really love you – which hurts to find out, but it’s also very freeing.

      1. Melody,

        Thank you for writing this, I am dealing with the same issues we all are on here and what you said is the only thing I haven’t tried! 🙂

  3. Hello,

    I just want to encourage everyone, I am 24 and have been diagnosed at 22 still trying to get pregnant with my husband. Most of my weight gain happened in college, but recently with Weight Watchers, I have lost 30 pounds since August 1st. Weight Watchers was the only way I have successfully lost weight and kept it off. It is TOTALLY worth the investment, and you can eat what you want, just encourages healthy choices. My cycles have been more regular now than they ever have been! Still no luck getting pregnant, but I am grateful that I even have a cycle that is predictable now. Weight Watchers along with the Glow app can be very helpful if you feel like you do not know where to start. God is good!

    Best of luck to all of you!

      1. WW is calorie restriction and exercise – tracking everything (food, exercise, water, etc) as well. I tried it and lost 20 lbs, but they came back on. Then when I tried again, it got to the point I was starving and exercising a lot without any weight coming off.

        I think with PCOS we absolutely must address the fact that our bodies don’t have the same set of rules to follow. Calories consumed and calories burned is not the right equation for us. We need to restrict our carbs – and make sure the ones we eat are the right carbs (whole grains) in the right way (in the morning and with protein).

        Case in point: Due to a lack of success in my second try at WW, I was lowering my daily calories to see where my intake needed to be to lose weight. Sushi was my favorite lunch – tuna and white rice – healthy, right? Exercising 2 hours every day. Nothing. Switched from sushi to higher calorie, but lower carb salads at lunch, and lost 3 lbs this week – with less exercise.

        Do WW if you want, but keep in mind that we are dealing with ruthless energy-storing machines for bodies and that the usual rules don’t always apply to us.

        1. white and brown rice are actually not good for us.. rice has high GI levels causing are blood sugar levels to rise.

          Happy to hear you’ve lost 3 lbs this week, thats outstanding!

  4. I am 26 years old and am devestated by this diagnosis. I honestly don’t know where to start, and my doctor was so worried he ordered more tests and blood work. While having a name for what is happening to me is somewhat a relief because it validates how I feel, the rest is just a shock. I do realize my role in this. My poor eating habits and sedintary lifestyle are not helpful to my health. I’ve thought of children but have always thought of waiting until my 30s when I was more settled, but now to learn that there’s a possibility I may never be able to have them is just…. heartbreaking.

    1. Hi there I am 50 years old and have battled PCOS since I was 16! I want you to know I have 2 children. The first came with use of Pergonol and the second came naturally. There is hope. You can have children. Keeping open to,the idea of adoption also helps you realize you will have children…no matter what. So many women use infertility drugs and never know they even have PCOS. At least you know and can start there.

      1. Thank you Lisa, you’ve given me some hope. I know there is still time to turn things around for myself, I think I was just in shock. It kind of threw off the plan I had for myself and shifted everything into a more narrow focus. Ive always thought of adopting children, but it never occurred to me that what’s happening now was even a possibility, but that’s life. Just have to roll with the punches. Thank you for your kind words. God bless you.

        1. I had seen a biological analysis speacialist and she promised me with the naural vitamins and herbs that she gave me that my body would get on track and I would have a baby. Well it did and I did indeed have my miricle child. There is hope.

    2. I too have pcos and was able to have two wonderful children. Talk to your doctor about adding metformin. I honestly believe using it helped me to conceive two healthy babies. I was 25 and 29 at the time.

      1. I too have PCOS and used fertility drugs for awhile and then went on metformin as well (for fertility as I don’t have diabetes). I also have two children <3

    3. When I was PCOS diagnosed in my mid-20’s, I shrugged – I never planned on marrying or having kids. That all changed when I met my husband at 33. After a few years of assistance and eventually IVF, I was able to have a son at age 38.

      If you want it, fight for it. You have time. Save money for fertility assistance (I recommend going straight to IVF), learn how to cook and start living a reduced carb life.

      You can do it.

    4. I don’t know where you are in your struggle right now but I wanted to let you know that it IS possible to have children, even without a bunch of fertility drugs, with a PCOS diagnosis. I was diagnosed at the age of 21. My husband and I tried for 14 years to conceive. I took Clomid, Metformin and others to push ovulation. We tried a couple rounds of artificial insemination and even went to speak to fertility specialists about invitro. The price tag prevented us from further pursuit. My husband also has issues and we were told that our chances of conceiving naturally were less than 1%. Well that is all we needed. I got pregnant when I was 35 and now have a healthy, beautiful 5-year-old. It is possible. It doesn’t happen for everyone, I know. I have a cousin who also has PCOS and has gotten pregnant but miscarried (another common side affect of PCOS). She is still childless. I am just saying that there is always hope. That just because the statistics say it is unlikely does not mean it is impossible. I wish you the very best!

  5. Girls! I know the weight loss struggle extremely well. I was diagnosed at 17, and because of an artist I follow on the internet, hah… I was 5′ 5″ and steadily increasing every month even when I didn’t do anything different. I always tried exercising, eating less, even starving myself to the point of blacking out. My parents didn’t believe I was even trying because I didn’t have any progress, which was discouraging. Recently, I lost 36 pounds in 3 months… Big, right? I did that by only cutting Gluten out of my life. It really worked for me. Gluten is anything with wheat, rye, barley. It’s hard to start, since almost everything has it. Gluten free is almost like No carb diet, but some are safe to eat. You get your fix of carbs from mainly rice, then the rest of the filling satisfaction from meat and veggies and fruit.
    I urge you all to try gluten free! It gets easier after the first month, and after the first month, the next few will be weight loss. It happened to me, and I hope it helps you.

    1. You have to b careful. I lost 40 lbs going gluten free while on nuvaribg too and nothing else. First time to ever lose weight with pcos…i had to go off the ring because it caused me to have incontinence. I didnt do anything different except change birth control and i gained 20. So i switched again and gained more. I gained the 40 back and some. Im now at the heaviest weight iv ever been at. Im 28 and in a year my health went to crap. I cannot take metformin it damages my liver i get ridiculously sick if i eat gluten. Im on lo loestrin fe now and im looking into starting supplements. After so many years of trying with no luck, when i lost 40 i wasnt even trying too…i went gf because im allergic. Weightloss was just a bonus…but i feel like my body played a horrible trick on me…and to add to it all i gained it back so fast i caused my urethra to recess and my bladder to become weak so i have stress incontinence…just be careful with gluten free…hopefully none of this happens to you but just be aware.

  6. I have PCOS – As of Oct 8th 2015 I decided to go with the low/no carb diet as weight-loss really does seem to be a bit of a struggle and unfortunately it just isn’t getting any easier. I have made ALOT of changes in diet and have given a lot of things up. I lost 12 lbs with in the first month…but….but nothing since. I am still strictly low/no carb but it seems like it isn’t working anymore. I am not gaining but I am not loosing either. I would like to get a handle on this now and take control before it evolves in to other health concerns but I am not sure what I am doing wrong or what I need to do more of. I am putting in the work of watching what I am doing, being extra conscious of what I am putting in my body and at first I was re-warded with weight loss..but now I am getting more and more discouraged with each time I get on the scale. Any suggestions?

    1. Write down everything you’re eating – and make sure to check the carbs and serving size. You may be eating more carbs than you realize and tracking food is a good way to see.

      Shock your body by trying a different kind of exercise (or starting to exercise) – PCOS bodies are amazingly designed to learn, survive and store energy. Maybe your body has learned how to defend itself against this new routine of yours – so, switch things up.

  7. I am only 14 and i have PCOS and the whole weight thing sucks. Plus i get called fat all the time, if only people knew what was going on.

    1. Hi Miranda,

      I saw this and thought I needed to reply! I was also diagnosed at 14 and I also used to get called fat, along with a variety of other insults, but I just wanted to let you know it gets better- you get older and people care less what you look like. I am now 21 and although I still struggle with my weight and am conscious of it, I have learnt to accept myself to an extent and trust me that helps because people see past my weight and see my personality instead. The main thing that helped me was to talk to people about it- close friends mostly- and explain what was going on and some of the side affects and they have been so supportive. Getting a diagnosis like this at 14 is hard and trust me at times it still does get to me but the support I get from my friends is unreal and is what cheers me up again.

      Losing weight with PCOS is hard and at times you feel like you’re getting nowhere but don’t give up!

      So my advice to you is:

      1. Talk about it with people you trust
      2. Remind yourself that people have no right to judge you on something the know nothing about
      3. Those who matter don’t care what you look like- my boyfriend of 4 years looked past my PCOS and so have my friends
      4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and most importantly Don’t let it get you down

      I know this isn’t much but I hope it helps and gives you the confidence to hold your head up high!!


    2. I know how you feel I was 14 2 years ago that’s when it all started for me and I felt fat but I managed my weight and I work very very very hard I exercise so much and people don’t even realise I just look like a normal size but the amount of exercise I do should give me the most amazing body. Anyway what in trying to say is that pcos is crap but everyone should just do what they gotta do it’s hard but if u think of it as motivation to always look your best and their is always a way around it so keep trying and don’t give up one day u will have lost all that weight and all those kids who called you fat will be amazed and wish they never said anything! Xxxxx

    1. I would advice counting all your calories and getting your self an exercise bike (stationary) put that in ur house and do about 1 hour on that everyday that is up to 1000 calories even better if u get a bike that shows u how many calories u are burning , but if u count your calories each day to be about 1500 and then do that 1000 calorie workout with the added extra calories u will burn from doing your day to day activities you will be burning way more than you eat and your body will have no choice but to use the insulin fat cells as energy thus making you LOSE WEIGHT, I know this sounds hard but in my oppinion this is way better than going on one of those low carb 500 calorie crazy diets because if u think about it that is so depriving where as 1500 is giving u choice to enjoy the foods u like (in moderation) and ur body will be losing that weight but don’t skip the one hour workout that seriously adds to this weight loss! Anyway this might not be for u but it’s something I do everyday I don’t make excuses and I get results and I feel so good about myself when I see those results so find what works for u and stick to it !! That is a diet plan.. Don’t go looking for all these crazy starvation diets because we pcos sufferers would have to live like that all the time to actually keep the weight off so why not do something more enjoyable rather than depriving ? Hope this helps x

      1. I have pcos and I spent 3 months working out for 1.5 hours every day burning between 700-900 calories every morning and I never saw a difference..

  8. I’m 19, since last year my weight had been going up and it’s uncontrollable, I do long distance running, track, workout every form of working out that exits yet no change. Tried every diet, always been adopting a healthy lifestyle but now all I see is absolute gain: 57-63 and iI’ only 154cm tall, in one year. It mentally breaks me, people don’t understand how I look fat while I workout so well. I need to stop this now, I’m so glad I get to see other ladies share their stories, it kinda helps, but now I’m broken, I wanna live like a normal 19 year old who eats out, enjoys the pleasures of life, this thing is a barrier and it’s breaking me day after day.

    1. Hi there. I know how it feels to. I’m 14 years old and have been suffering from it since 2013. It is so hard for me to lose weight despite doing lots of exercise and keeping healthy. I do regular exercise and note down everything I eat however there are the odd days when I eat lots of sugar or I don’t do exercise. I’m 151cm tall and weight 58kg. I am very conscious about my weight and diet so I meet with a dietician every 6 weeks. I haven’t seen any weight loss at all which breaks me down ever so much that I can barely face anyone. I’m just waiting for that day I see a tremendous weight loss of 15 kg.

    2. I know how it feels. Im 28 and I was diagnosed with pcos 7 years ago. I had irregular cycles and had gained more than 20kg in half a year. To make it worse i had only a few years before lost a large amount of weight and gained it all back. I was 112kg at the time i was diagnosed. Im 5ft 7.I was prescribed metformin and put on the contraceptive pill. I was working out 5 days a week and managed to lose 20kg. The weight crept back up over the last two years.. up to 93kg. I started a low carb diet and regular exercise about 6 months ago and have managed to lose 8kg. Its hard watching others on a diet/fitness regime kick goals and drop weight easily while you sweat it out and push yourself day by day just to see no change on the scale week by week. Its like a constant battle and some people dont understand how hard it is

    3. Your not alone. I just want to tell u about counting ur calories and calcualting the calories u are burning compared to that. There are 3500 calories in one pound of fat so in order to burn 1 pound of fat a week u would need to burn all the calories than u eat + 500 more each day in order to achieve this. This is science. We may have pcos but our body’s still burn this calories if we apply ourselfs to this method it works for me.. It’s slow but it gives me results and it’s crazy because I don’t feel deprived at all. And can I just say ur amazing for working so hard with all your exercise because a lot of people with pcos think there’s no way around it so they just let themselves get obese whereas u are trying really hard and u should be so proud of yourself , anyway try my advice even if u have before because if u count every calorie in and out and make it more that u burn than u eat u WILL lose the weight ❤️❤️ Stay strong and show everyone what ur made of!!!

      1. Hi Hun, I also have PCOS and never knew it affected me losing weight. I’ve tried so hard to lose weight and eat healthy/work out but it took ages to notice anything on the scales.

        Do you mean it when you say just before we have PCOS don’t mean we can’t lose weight without surgery ? I need hope as its really getting me down. Thanks in advance

  9. I have been struggling with “female issues” since I was 10. I am 27 now. At age 11 I had an emergency laparoscopic surgery due to ruptured cysts and was told that I had endometriosis and that birth control would help with this. I was not told any additional information. I have had issues with weight, acne, etc. since then. My weight has steadily climbed over the past fifteen years or so. 7 years ago I moved to a new state and got a new doctor who disagreed with my diagnosis of endometriosis and stated that I just needed to be more active and lose weight to manage my fatigue, weight issues, etc. I then met with my general doctor, and after extensive testing was told I may possibly have PCOS and to see a gynecologist. I made an appointment and expressed that I think that I have PCOS. The doctor told me how hard it was to diagnose PCOS and that she was *certain* that I did not have it. After more blood work and an ultrasound I returned to the same doctor for my results. The doctor refused to see me and sent in her nurse with a pamphlet, which was not helpful at all, on PCOS and said “did she tell you that you have this? Here’s some information.” Until recently I have just been living life, struggling with my weight. My birth control masks my other symptoms pretty well, but I am definitely overweight. I plan to make lifestyle changes gradually. I have already removed caffeine from my diet, and plan to remove dairy and gluten. This will be easy with the dairy, but will be difficult with the gluten. I’m glad to have found this website. it explains so much. The podcasts are also helpful. My sister has also been recently diagnosed with PCOS. I plan to share this website with her.

  10. I finally got my scan and got the results back showing I have Pcos. Im glad I now know why I feel like I have been battling with my weight the last 4 yrs. Especially my belly fat. But now I also feeled frustrated that the battle for me us going to be never ending I eat healthier and tried every diet I exercise but nothing changes and I feel like what is the point sometimes. I don’t have children yet I’m nearly 30 and I’m scared that if I have kids my belly will get worse and my husband won’t find me sexually attractive.

  11. Hi Everyone!

    I was just diagnosed with PCOS yesterday and I’ve been really upset about it. I have been overweight all my life, but I still had normal periods; however, for the last nine months I didn’t have a period. I’ve been on both sides of the weight loss struggle, at my most successful I was 165 lbs and at my heaviest 265 lbs. I finally worked up the courage to go see my doctor and after doing an ultrasound and blood work he confirmed my diagnoses. I feel really upset about the whole experience and I’m glad that I found this forum so I know there are other people out there with the same thing.

    My doctor told me that I have to lose 100 lbs. I’m 5’10” and 260 lbs. I feel like this is really impossible. I’ve been thinking about trying Dr. Bernstein. Did anyone try it? Did it work?

    1. Don’t look at the total weight to lose. Set smaller goals that will eventually lead you to the main goal. And your doctor should understand that it’s going to be difficult. My doctor was happy to see a 3lb loss in 3 months. Do your best and know that you will probably “start over” many times. I start over every day. Hope this helps. Good luck and take care.

      1. I agree with this! The big picture can seem overwhelming. I have PCOS, along with hypothyroidism and was just given the diabetes diagnosis. I struggle to lose even 5 lbs but decided on focusing more on habits than numbers. My husband and I have started cutting back on carbs at night and eating low carb meals. You can try to make goals for yourself that get you to your goal. Like walking 3 times a week or something if exercise is a struggle for you.

    2. I was diagnosed with PCOS and I went on a ketogenic diet and lost all the weight I needed to lose and quite rapidly. I then went on a maintenance diet and I have only gained back a few pounds since. I lost 35 pounds in 3 months. I would highly recomment looking into a nutritionist-supervised ketogenic diet to help lose the weight. Also my cystic acne and other symptoms all went away just through diet.

      1. I have nothing but praise for the ketogenic diet! I lost 50 lbs in 4 months. I still have a long way to go, but so far, it’s the only thing I’ve had success with. I think why it’s so successful is because the types of food you eat make you feel full longer. Not to mention the complete lack of sugar.

      2. I did the same thing!!! Keto ended up really being a life saver for me and stabilized my hormones. I think Keto and cutting carbs and sugars really help PCOS and more women should try it. My endometriosis symptoms stopped once I started keto as well.

    3. I am just 25 yrs and i am diagnosed with PCOS before 3 yrs. I reduced only 10lbs in 3 months. But my gyno has appreciated me.. Weight reduction needs to be done gradually. So dont lose ur hope.. On reducing our weight,PCOS has less effect. We have even treatment for PCOS. So Dont worry.. God bless you

  12. i have had great success taking the prescription medication, Victoza (generic name: liraglutide). It’s a drug used to treat type II diabetics. It helped with cravings and satiety. I lost 40lbs for my wedding. I stopped taking it because the side effect of nausea was too terrible for me. It’s also very expensive and it’s an injection medication. However, I would recommend it for those who are truly desperate and have exhausted the natural options. I put the weight back on after I stopped taking it and have been struggling for three years to get it off.

    1. But did you have insulin problems like in diabetes 2?
      I don’t know what meds are going to help me….I have PCOS, slightly overweight but not due to insulin or metabolism. idk if meds for diabetes can help. please shed some light on me..

      1. Are you taking any supplements or have you changed the way you eat to manage your PCOS? These two things can really help!

  13. After struggling for years with super irregular periods, 3 years ago I was put on Junel birth control. I stopped taking it after gaining 30 lbs in 3 months. My weight did not drop off, but instead I continued gaining! The tipping point for me was being 24 years old, 5’6″ and weighing 205 pounds. AWFUL! I’ve never been so big. I went to a new gynocologist, who ran a series of blood tests and diagnosed me with PCOS. My mother also has PCOS, so it made a lot of sense. My gyno prescribed me Ortho Tri Cyclen and its a god send! Best birth control I’ve had, and in 3 months I’ve lost 10lbs, without any significant lifestyle changes.
    I got a new job that allows me a little more free time to hit the gym. So, this past week, I made some big changes in my dieting, restricting my caloric intake to around 1,400 and light exercise. I’ve lost 2 more pounds in a week!
    I Want to eventually be down to 140lbs, but my goal for right now is 180lbs. Hopefully I can get there!

  14. Hi guys
    i was diagnosed with PCOS a few months ago. I am 22. I wasn’t getting my periods on time, and was gaining weight rapidly. The doctors first thought it was a problem with my thyroid, but realized it I have PCOS. Man …. in a year i gained 25lbs :O used to be 135 got up to 160! Its a lot of work and its sooo hard to be honest. i feel like i work so hard and results are so slow..but progress is progress right?i am now 150lbs! yaay now 15lbs to goo! but i have a lot of belly fat, and I CANT get rid of it! what are some exercise tips you reccomend? do you run? do strength training? i mostly have done cardio (eliptical) thinking about running now 🙂

    1. There is no specific exercise to shift belly fat. Get your cortisol levels checked out as this hormone is usually the culprit.

  15. I just wanted to leave a little food for thought, I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 16! I have struggled with it since then, I was a “normal” weight in high school, but I was also a swimmer and track runner, after high school I quickly packed on the pounds and never had periods, by 20 I was 175 ( from 120 in high school) and gaining weight fast! I got engaged and went on the pill and got pregnant ( thank God, because we have never been able to have another child) after I delivered I went from 200 to 280 before my daughter was 1, and stayed at 280, for the next 12 years…I have been closely followed by a renowned endocrinologist and taken every med known to “fix” our issue, I have been paleo and PCOS compliant for the last 3 years and still stayed at 280!!! Last year at the end of the year, my endo shocked me with the proposal that I get a gastric sleeve, I felt defeated and mortified, but I researched and more PCOS women are starting to have success with the sleeve, not a band, not bypass, only a sleeve, what it does is take your body back to “infancy” state and you can no longer “hold” all calories that the insulin resistance causes you to hold, so I’m sorry for the long story, but bottom line is this, I had surgery the first of may and left the hospital post op weighing 284.9, today I am down to 190.5 and dropping steadily, for the first time in my adult life my hormones are almost normal and I feel amazing! I just wanted to add this here because I know the battle described above all to well, I wish I would have done this 10 years ago! Good luck with your PCOS and I hope you have success!

    1. How was the surgery, do you mind me asking? I have been struggling with pcos for 10 years and have been on metformin. My doctor just recommended a sleeve and I’m nervous on how it will affect my life. I’m currently at 250lbs and have struggled with weight and am thinking about the sleeve.

      1. March 24, 2015
        The surgery was a little tough, but it was worth it!!! I went back to work too soon so I made recovery rough than it should have been, but overall it was not bad and the scars are almost already hard to see, not even one year post op yet! I say do it, changed my life, I was 280 and today I am 183, 3 lbs away from the 100 mark! Wish I would have done it sooner!

    2. Thanks for sharing. This sounds just like me only I haven’t got full confirmation that I have pcos. I will find out next week. I had a a daughter 6 years ago and haven’t been able to get pregnant since. I’ve also gained an enormous amount of weight and can’t seem to lose it no matter what I do.

  16. Im 16 years old..and already showing signs of PCOS… Gained so much weight..and cannot lose it though i dont eat anything my family doesnt eat. Just went on birth control almost a year ago because i wouldnt get my period for 2-3 months at a time.. i have pigminted skin on my neck and it seems to be getting really bad and i dont know how to get rid of it also under my arm..its embarrassing to not be able to wear a tank top and i try to cover my neck as mich as i can i aso clean it a lot with scrubs and ive tried cream , everything! No use..

    1. Hi Anna, the pigment that you see is from insulin resistance. I also have pcos and my doctor prescribed metformin to help with that. Creams and scrubbing will not help. Good luck.

  17. Hi all…I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 23 (I’m now 26). I was put on metformin and changed my eating habits and worked out at least 5 times a week. With in 9 months I lost 60lbs. I went from 250 to 190. I then became pregnant with my son and lost him at 19 weeks. My doctors told me that a lot of women who have PCOS miscarry and I would probably never have a viable pregnancy. I was devastated. 8 months later I got pregnant with my daughter and she was born at 36 weeks and healthy as can be. Now 7 months after having her Im pretty sure my PCOS IS “acting up” again. I’m 3 weeks late on my period and I’m not losing weight even though I eat healthy and workout. So I go back to the doctor to get my PCOS In check.

    PCOS is a nasty thing but I’m glad I’ve come across this forum because I truly feel none of my family or friends understand how hard it is.

    1. Please don’t give up on having a full term baby. I was diagnosed with PCOS at 25 and had my first child with fertility drugs at 28, had 2nd pregnancy at 30 with no help and had a third child at 35. Eating low carb and gluten free helped with the 3rd child. Getting healthy and eating right will help so much. I also prayed and worked on reducing stress. Don’t give up and keep working on weight loss

  18. Thank you, I’m just looked at and told I’m lazy and I need to get a job. I do need a job but no one understands what’s really going on and how physically and emotionally painful this is, and to top it off it makes having children harder or incapable. So thank you I will share this to face book…

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  20. Honestly, seeing this article made me feel a little more sane! I was diagnosed with PCOS about two years ago. I originally began my journey at 250 lbs (size 18). I have always felt like that I gain weight SOOOOOOOO easily!!!!! It is so infuriating! Anyway, to help combat it, I began counting my calories using the MyFitnessPal app on my phone. It gives you a recommended amount of calories based on your weight and your goals. It even states that it is not perfect for every person, but I have lost 40lbs so far using it, and I am currently a size 14. It is absolutely a struggle because I’ve noticed when I don’t stick to calorie counting, my weight increases easily, but this app really helped me to get my journey started! This app also lets you know if you are eating enough carbs, protein, and fat everyday. It even gives you the amount of each nutrient that is typically recommended and lets you know if you are on target for the day or not. I don’t know if this will help anyone or not, but it really helped me! =D

  21. Lisa,hypothyroidism and PCOS often go hand in hand.I was also first diagnosed as hypothyroid.
    I thought once my thyroid was treated,I’d be able to lose weight,but that has not been the case.Then I was diagnosed PCOS by high testosterone,and I also had a transvaginal sonogram done which verified the cysts on my ovaries.I believe it is possible to have PCOS and not have high testosterone,just as many women with PCOS are also thin!
    I was thin my whole life until this happened to me,so I can say from own experience.Unfortunately,I’m now at least 15 pounds overweight,and being treated with Metformin and spironolactone has not helped me lose any weight either.
    Doctors all say the same-eat less,exercise more.I feel like slapping them.It is just not that easy.

    The funny thing is,this article says women with PCOS are more hungry,but I barely eat because I’m not hungry.My skinny boyfriend is always trying to push foods on me and I have to yell at him that I either don’t want it,or I can’t eat stuff like he does! He is so lucky to be able to eat as much of whatever he wants and stays thin.
    I mainly eat fruits and vegetables,yogurt,and some meats.I barely ever eat sweets or chips or junkfood.The metformin DID help with the sweets cravings.I just don’t want them now.
    However,I still can’t lose weight.Even when I was deathly ill from taking topamax and didn’t eat for a whole week!

    Right now I’m trying INOSITOL.I’ve started at 1000mg a day although most say you need at least 1200 to help with PCOS.
    My endo is useless and so are my doctors….
    My endo told me,women with PCOS are just heavier,there is nothing you can do about it.

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  23. I have not officially been diagnosed as having PCOS, however, the last endocrinologist believes that I do have it. The problem is that my blood work keeps coming back as having “normal” testosterone levels, but I have every symptom of PCOS. I also have hypothyroidism and it has been extremely difficult for me to lose weight and to even stop gaining weight. Any suggestions for someone like me who can’t get an official diagnosis due to testosterone levels?? Can someone have PCOS and not have high testosterone levels? Thanks in advance for any helpful information!!!

    1. hello Lisa.

      I was officially diagnosed with PCOS a year ago. However, PCOS never came up in my blood work. My PCOS was discovered through an ultra sound. Maybe you should try this.

      1. This is the same thing that happened to me. It did not show up in my blood work, but it did show up in my ultra sound.

      2. Yup, same here! I got blood results back stating all of my hormone levels were normal but went in for an ultrasound and they were immediately able to diagnose me with PCOS.

  24. This website is the greatest thing I have found … these articles explain so much, my doctors have never given me any explanation behind my PCOS, just that I have it and I need to take metformin and exercise. I feel like for the first time in 5 years I really know what’s going on. Before my daughter I always had trouble.with my weight and after she was born its been even worse. Metformin allowed me to conceive right away but the weight problems have been the biggest battle of my life. I am so happy to have found this site and all this amazing information and people who understand that I’m not just a fat woman who doesn’t care and eats badly. I am a woman who eats healthy and works out but never seems to be able to see changes, hopefully now with this understanding I can finally tackle this !

  25. I was diagnosed when I was 14. I am now 23 with a 10 month old and I gained 80 lbs in a year. I have been on diets since I was 12 and the only time I was able to lose weight was by being too sick to eat so essentially I was anorexic (I.e. eating very low account of calories due to severe nausea). I lost 60 lbs in 2 months. I am so frustrated. My OB/GYN immediately suggested gastric bypass surgery since my BMI is almost 40. No other suggestions for how to tackle this. I don’t want to cut down to only eating 15 foods but it is starting to sound like that is my only option.

  26. Hey,
    I was diagnose at 20 and I am now 23. I didnt take it too serious at first, but now I relaize how serious it is. I want to be a heathier and eventually, give my fiance’ a child one day. I would love to meet people who are helpful. I hope this website helps.

  27. Hi
    I have found this site after lots of searching for weight loss and PCOS.
    I do triathlons and I’m 15 weeks from doing and ironman race. I do lots of sports mostly long distance. The final straw came over the weekend, over 4 days I cycled 120 miles and ran 13 miles and put 2lb on!!!! My diet was good, no sweets etc!
    I’ve seen a Nutristionist about my race diet and they weren’t very help full. I know I need to have a low GI diet but I’m struggling. I also work 12hrs shifts which is not good for my food pattern.
    Can anyone give me some suggestions to lose the weight!!!

    1. I work 3 13hr shifts a week, it’s so hard to fit in exercise and diet! I really don’t have many suggestions, but I understand the struggle!

    2. Cut out sugar and carbs. I was diagnosed when I was 32 and have always struggled. Even strawberries and almonds cause weight gain for me. I constantly do 5 ks and exercise and eat well. Carbs are my enemy. I am off of metformin and just use diet and exercise. I am 42 and 171. It is a constant struggle.

  28. i came across this site after going through all the information you have provided here tears came to my eyes. Im 24 yrs old and have had PCOS since i was 18 and have received very little help from the various doctors i have seen. From the extra weight gain that seems impossible to lose, to the embarrassing facial hair, and so on…life just seemed hopeless. its good to know im not the only one dealing with this, but at the same time it makes me sad to know that there are so many other woman dealing with the same thing.

    Thank you so much for creating this site i look forward to starting a new chapter in my life by making the diet changes you have provided.


  29. Thanks for the good information I was diagnosed 22 years ago when far less was known about PCOS. I had given up in the last 10 years of trying to control the symptoms. I will never have children but suffer more from the associated depression in trying to deal with the symptoms.Thanks to this site and others I have some ideas on a fresh start at handling my symptoms. Keep up the good work.

  30. Hi, I was diagnosed this past December but the more I think about it, I think I’ve been dealing with PCOS since my late teens, I’m now 33. I weighed about 105lbs in high school and then the weight just went up and seemed to stop at about 150lbs. I always thought it was my eating habits, even though I don’t have bad eating habits, but what else could cause the weight gain…..well now I know. And it explains lots of other things as well. Since my mid 20s I’ve dealt with acne, hair thinning, ovarian cysts, facial hair and most recently,more weight gain. The only good thing was that I always got a period and I am lucky to have a daughter now. My hubby and I thought we may like to have another one but it looks like my time may have run out as my periods have stopped coming regularly. I’ve had 2 in the last 6 months. I’m currently on a weight loss program, Herbal Magic, and I am down almost 7 lbs in 3 weeks! I’m learning how to live a healthier lifestyle and portion control. I’ve cut down on the dairy drastically and mostly stick to protein, veggies and fruit. I’m finally starting to feel “normal” again and I hope this feeling sticks around for a long time. Everyone is different, and each of us have to find what works for us. I love reading all the comments and I wish you all good luck in your PCOS journey!

  31. Hi all!!
    I had been diagnosed PCOS and found multiple cysts. My dr prescribed me medicines only for two months and asked me to just diet and exercise 1hr 30mins everyday and only widin two months cysts disappeared and I had lost 7kgs. And now I only do regular exercise and also diet but not a strict diet. My periods are regular from 9months.. in my lifetime of PCOS i didn’t had my period only once..
    So it means everybody should just increase the activity level n do work out everyday and just diet. Not necessary to diet strictly as I’ve seen my Four cousins with PcOS are blessed with kids only by exercise n nothing much.

  32. This is so great! I’m in the military and had gone to the doctor several times to see why I always gained weighed so fast. It was the last straw when a very tall, fit, male doctor, who happened to be very unsympathetic, said “some people are just fat….at least you don’t have cancer”….I burst into tears. Not my finest moment. Thank goodness I saw another doctor and he diagnosed me with PCOS after several blood tests. Now I just have to use the resources and knowledge to manage the symptoms–thanks for being a good source!

  33. Hi Tarryn,
    I just had a blood sample taken today and will know the answer on monday. I diagnosed myself with pcos though. I started by googl’ing why i started getting more and more hair on my chin and neck and under my bellybutton. I’ve always had a bit up upper lip hair, but have just plucked it. I found that i had several symptoms of pcos; depression, anxiety, started getting fat around the middle, more hair, acne, bad hair aso.
    And let me tell you, i made a 180 degree switch in my eating habits after doing a LOT of reading. I was devastated and still am quite scared of how bad my symptoms might get before i can reverse it.
    What i haven’t done yet is start my exercise or buy all the supplements yet. I will though.
    my question is this: I’m VERY focused on eating pcos friendly foods, BUT what about when I’m invited somewhere? Well i think what i really wanna know is… Can i NEVER have a bowl of ben and Jerrys ice cream ever again?
    And i love you for putting yourself out there and making it easier and lighter for the rest of us.

    Hugs and thanks

  34. I was diagnosised in my 30’s but had started seeking help when I was 17. I didn’t start to gain weight until I was started on birth control. When my husband and I decided we wanted to get pregnant I was placed on glucophage and clomid. I have 3 healthy children, but have gained 20 pounds with each child. My problem is the weight and face hair. I am back on glucophage and have recently seen an endocronolgist for the first time. She said all the supplements are crap because you can’t tell what you are getting. I have been set up with a nutritionist. Several months ago I started an “all natural diet” and I lost 15 pounds in 3 weeks. I kept it off for awhile, but got bored with the food I was eating. I am now up to 180 pounds and I feel terrible. I really want to lose this weight the healthy way. I have researched all over the net and there are so many different supplements suggested. I just want a solid answer…..are any of them any good?!

  35. Hi. Last year , i was diagnosed with PCOS. At first, i didn’t what i was, as i never heard about it before. After a while, I starting being interested in the subject, curious let say. When i learned that i would be much more difficult to conceive i started being afraid, scared even . I might be 21 but still i always wanted to have kids. I was always chubby, i always had a struggle with my weight. I put my gain of weight on the fact that i ate too much or it was in my gene. I always had blame my dad to my chubbiness and now that I know it was because of the PCOS , I am finally relieved. I would like to find a way to cope with that PCOS and at the same time loose the some weight because i gained at least 10 kg in the past 4 years without realizing. I am looking forward for your next post on that subject.


  36. hi everyone. I was diagnosed with PCOS some two years ago after gaining 20kilos post pregnancy and having issues with my period. I was placed on Metformin and pills, but I stopped em after getting headaches and being nauseous. My blood sugar is normal. Thank heavens as well for me not having acne. now I want to get back on having normal weight and it has been a struggle. I would lose say 10kilos in two weeks and gain it back in the next two. If I eat regular meals in a day, I get fatter. If I cut it back by 300-500 kcal, I maintain my weight. This article has been really helpful. I want to get back on pills so I could have my regular periods. Hopefully correcting the hormones will help with my weightloss. I have been into running, looking into HIIT, on yoga for a month and I hope to see a lot of difference in three months time.

  37. hi I was diagnosed with this about 6 months ago and have been so frustrated because I cant lose weight. I am 22 and am only 4’9 and used to weigh between 110 and 115 and now im almost 170 lbs. any advice on what to do?? its so hard to be so young and feel like my whole life has changed.

    1. Hi Jackie,
      I was diagnosed with pcos last summer and became extremely frustrated with not being able to lose weight also. I am 19 years old, and im 5’10 and was use to weighing between 160-170 but then I hit a all time high of 215. I had enough, and went on a no carb, sugar free diet. I started this diet mid way through July of 2013. Since July of 2013 I have lost 25lbs. It might not sound like a lot but take in consideration I did not work out. I work full time and am in college as a full time student as well, so my weight lost is due purely to diet. So I really recommend the no carb, no sugar diet. Stick to proteins, veggies, lots of water, and fruit(but not too much fruit). It sounds hard but it honestly is a very easy diet to adjust to, and you never feel hungry! Feeling hungry was one of my biggest concerns( im half polynesian and we love food) but I can say I have never felt as if I do not get enough food. Then lastly I would recommend to workout as it will truly help with weight loss! This semester I enrolled in a “boot camp” class at my college. I can already tell with exercising and my diet I should be back to my normal weight before summer! You can do it, and get your body back. You just need to really figure out what “diet” works for you. My “diet” works extremely well for me that it became a life style change. Stay focused on today as you are creating tomorrow! Good luck!

      1. but dont protein make you gain weight ? my doctor has recommended me to eat fruits and vegtables and drink water. Lots of it. She didnt say anything about proteins ?

        1. Lean proteins are necessary for your body especially with PCOS. Not sure if you saw the recent article on here called ‘How to Lose Weight with PCOS – The Right Way’ but it has great info.

          “The women following the higher protein diet lost more weight after 6 months than those eating a standard diet and they also had a smaller waist circumference.”
          Check out that article here:

    2. Hi there I too am 4’9 and am exactly the same situation as you! Just got diagnosed yesterday. I have been dieting, excercizing and have done drastic things to help me lose weight. :/ need support!

  38. Hi Everyone. I’m new here and need some advice. I have pcos since age 28. I’m 40 now . Since past 3 years I’ve gained 20 kgs which is a huge weight gain. I know I’m insulin resistant with belly fat . I’m trying so hard to lose weight without any progress. I only seem to gain more and more. As a formerly slender person this is very frustrating. Doctors where I am only label my problem as an * hormonal imbalance*. Pcos did’nt bother me much over the years except for acne and hairfall. I’m not sure if the weight gain is a symptom of the pcos or I’m perimenopausal. There’s a family history of premature menopause . I’ really want to lose weight because I’m petrified of diabetes. Some practical, effective suggestions on weight loss are so welcome. Thank you all in advance.

  39. To all you women with PCOS and trying to conceive, take heart! I self-diagnosed myself with PCOS almost 20 years ago, and my fertility doctor ridiculed me. But after another doctor mentioned that research was showing a link with infertility and diabetes, she tested me for diabetes. I was not, and still am not, diabetic, but my blood sugar levels were “off”. I immediately went on the Adkins diet. And immediately became pregnant. This technique worked, producing pregnancy in the first month 3 times, and in the 2nd month once. My oldest son will be 16 next month. I still struggle with weight, metabolism, etc., but this diet alone allowed me to become pregnant. My advice for all women with unexplained infertility (or with a PCOS diagnosis now that such a thing is not ridiculed) is–extremely low carb diet. No fruit! Very few veggies. No breads etc. No sugars. Not healthy long term, but you may not need to do it too long. 🙂

  40. Thanks for this in site, I was diagnosed at the age of 15 when my doctor told me ” it’s nothing to worry about but having children might be hard” I was horrified as you can imagine but pushed it to the back of joy mind I’m now 27 and been trying for children for 2 years nothing yet but staying positive all my doctor keeps telling me is to loose weight. I will keep trying and one day hopefully I’ll have little feet running around.

  41. Hi There
    My doctor prescribed the following diet: no fruit except apples, only oats or All Bran for Breakfast, a protein shake for lunch, meat/fish with veggies for supper. Said nothing about no diary. I shaked 8 kg’s in a month’s time (15 lbs). I have all 3, low metabolism, insulin resistance and PCOS. Just remember that what works for one will not work for the other…Thank you for the blog…as I was only diagnosed about a month ago, I need all the information I can get!

  42. hi I cam across this website searching for answers…….I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was trying to conceive my son. He is 6 now. I don’t snack all the time but I am over weight. Before I was diagnosed I kept gaining every year and I wasn’t eating any different. At the age of 20 and before that I was skinny. I look at myself now and I just hate the way I look and I fear my husband does to and I don’t want to loose him. I am not the same when I met him. I just want to feel beautiful again. Any diet ideas would be great!

  43. Do you recommend any cleansing with juice or shakes for pcos?? If so, which ones would be helpful. Any examples would be helpful.

  44. Hi, I am 21 and was diagnosed with pcos a couple of months ago. Currently takin yasmin but I would also like to introduce something that can help pcos long term..as I dont want to be on yasmin forever.
    I will buy the inositol from amazon. I wanted to know which folic acid you would recommend and what amount.

    Thanks for everything your doing you are giving so many women hope and guidance.
    God bless you

    1. I thought Yasmin was recalled? I know of several people who were not it and had all kinds of problems. Is Yasmin a non estrogen? My daughter at the age of 17 is diagnosed with PCOS and she is horrified the thought of never having a baby. I tell her that technology advances every year. She has always struggled with her weight and only carries it in her stomach, she is fully developed as a female and is a very beautiful young lady. It was not until I took her to a endo specialist they figured all this out. How do I find the right foods for her to eat and help her lose the excess weight in the belly area? Any advise is greatly appreciated.
      Thank you

      1. I am 42 and just been diagnosed with PCOS. I am certain I have had it since I was a teenager. I have always had very painful periods and unwanted facial hair. I wasn’t overweight as a teenager but was always dieting and active. Gained weight soon as high school was over….could not lose it….unlike other women I had no problem getting pregnant. I was on the pill since I was 14 for my periods. I got married and as soon as I stopped taking the pill I got pregnant. I got pregnant very easily twice….My father has resently passed away as well as both grandmothers..I have been nauseous for months that is how they found out I have PCOS. Dr. said the stress from PCOS is what is making me sick.

    2. I was diagnosed almost 10 years ago with PCOS, I have been on many different Birth Control methods- the one that has been most successful for me is an estrogen free birth control. It’s great to regulate with but it’s not increasing my estrogen which produces fat, which produces estrogen. It’s a vicious cycle, but that is why I moved away from high estrogen birth control.

    3. Be careful with the birth control, I took it to help with my symptoms and it did wonderful things for my skin and period but over the span of 7 years on it I developed a Tumour on my liver. Now off of the pill I’m back to looking for some advice of pcos symptoms. I was never diagnosed but my twin was and we pretty much have the same struggles. Best of luck to all of us 🙂

      1. OMG!! i had a liver tumor also!!!
        it was huge….. i was told it was because of being on birth control pills for so many years (started at age 12). I have been struggling with weight issues… genetics and PCOS. Its an uphill battle…. i will keep trying.

  45. Thank you so much for all the information that you offer! I come here first for answers about PCOS and always find what I’m looking for.

    I was diagnosed with PCOS back in May, but have had symptoms since puberty. Dark facial hair, acne, irregular cycles but always had excuses for it and since my family doctor never seemed concerned why should I? Finally, right after my 21st birthday this year I had had enough and decided to do my own research and then go to my doctor with direct questions. Why was I gaining so much weight? (50lbs in 3 years) why can’t I get rid of my acne? Why am I having what feels like hot flashes? Finally after blood work and an appointment with the endocrinologist, I was diagnosed with PCOS. Since then it has been a major struggle to understand what is going on and how to control it.

    I love that you give specific lists of things to avoid. Straight forward information is refreshing to find. My main concern now is losing the weight before it leads to more severe problems such as insulin resistance, or diabetes, but knowing I need to lose 50lbs is very intimidating. Do you have any tips on how to get started or some small things to try first?

    1. Hi 🙂

      I know Tarryn is busy with her new baby so thought I’d reply!

      In terms of weight loss, I’d recommend getting yourself some Inositol powder and Folic acid and start taking 4g powder daily with one folic acid tablet every day. This will help significantly.
      Diet – try to start following a dairy free and gluten free diet with lots of fresh vegetables and fruit. Also start thinking about how you can introduce exercise into your week. Maybe try for once a week to begin with and build up.

      You can do this – but you need to really want to in order to drive through change 🙂 best of luck! xx

      1. Do you see a big difference taking dairy out of your diet? I’m currently for the most part grain free and try to limit sugar intake as much as possible. The scale is up and down constantly after losing 45 lbs and I’m getting frustrated. I think taking dairy out is the next step but its so hard. I have a bout 50 lbs to go.

        1. I stopped eating dairy products, meat and gluten almost two years ago and absolutely nothing changed for me. As a matter of fact, my period is four months late (and still counting…) and my hormones are insane so yeah… :/

    2. Hey,

      Gained 27 pounds earlier this year,gluten was definitely a culprit. Agree with Steph B, limiting gluten is a good way to go. A thing I’ve noticed, is when i ate a lot of breads, pastas, or even a little too much cereal, it made a big difference. It’s curious to note my dad has celiac disease…wonder what is up with grains these days. Anywho-
      If you cant completely eliminate it, [i know i cannot realistically] eat it in limited quantities, maybe a muffin once a week, or a little bit of bread with some vegetables. But keep it limited,
      also-eat regularly, you dont want it to be so daunting that you cannot maintain it, thats not good for you, it’s better to be slow and steady [as possible].
      Rest, set an earlier bedtime, it’ll make you feel more refreshed to take on the day. Relax and realize that its okay to go very slowly, progress is still progress. And you will probably learn ways that work for your body, and your body specifically-because in some ways, its not a one size fit all.
      When I would weight lift, I would get so hungry I’d end up eating a bunch of grains, and gain more weight. So for me, I actually limited my exercise to walking, and lighter activities. It really depends on the person.
      But if you keep going after your goals, again and again, you will start to find ways that work-just be patient, and kind with yourself.

  46. Thank you for this blog. I look forward to the next one. I have always battled weight issues with my PCOS. Its hard to explain to others, but this is great. I have been battling with the same 5 lbs for over a year now. Gotta keep on trying.

    1. I am exactly the same i seam 2 loose 1lb & put 2lbs on its horrible’ I’ve just been prescribed orlistat by my doctor who doesn’t seam to realise it’s not what I eat as I only eat healthy foods ie fruit veg lean meat and I only have small portions’ I probably have about 800 to 1100 calories a day. And I’m constantly on the move! Medical people don’t have any help or answers too PCOS I was diagnosed nearly 6 years ago & all I keep getting told is there’s nothing they can recommend.
      It makes things difficult’ as like you said people don’t understand how things are’ my sister thinks pcos is just a couple cysts & doesn’t effect my hormones or weight yet she sees how healthy I eat and how much exercise I get! Doctors ect should accept PCOS as something more serious as it does effect people emotionally aswell.

      1. I was on your same boat, but at the beginning of my weight loss journey with many pounds still to go. But one thing I was told is that I have to hit 1500 calories a day in order to keep my body out of survival mode. My body was storing everything and this meant that I was not losing weight. Now I eat between 1500 and 1600 calories a day but work out and burn between 500 and 1,000 a day working out. This is my latest solution, because as long as you take in 1500 your body is less likely to store everything you eat, rather than allow it to be burned.

        Good luck!

        1. thanks Jess this is good info because I was wonder how do I do this…. I have been exercising since Jan for 3 days for 45 min.. Now I have increased it for 5 for an hour. I don’t eat much i see slight change in inches not weight… i need to increase my food intake…Make sense thanks agian

      2. I have battled my weight all my life. It never made sense why I was overweight. I ate healthy and was always active. I actually had weight loss surgery, which was a great decision. However, I lost slower than most and my weight came back fairly quickly even though my eating was restricted. (I never thought that could happen after surgery.) I have learned to slow the gaining through a strict diet of fruits, vegetable, nuts, & seeds. It is an ongoing battle I fight with the Lord’s help.

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