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Tarryn Poulton


I’m Tarryn and I was diagnosed with PCOS in January 2010. I always suspected something was amiss as my menstrual cycle has always been irregular. In 2001 or 2002 I consulted a Gynaecologist who did an ultrasound and told me that I don’t ovulate every month and put me on the pill. He made no mention of PCOS.

When hubby and I decided to start trying for a baby in 2009, I just knew something was wrong. So, I went to my doctor who did some blood tests and diagnosed me with PCOS. Although I had my suspicions already, I was devastated.

I decided I had to do something and went on a low GI diet and exercised regularly. I fell pregnant 9 months later. I had been taking my basal body temperature every morning and the only time I ovulated in 9 months, I fell pregnant with our beautiful daughter.

Toward the end of 2012, we decided we’d like to give our little girl a brother or sister. I followed all of the advice you’ll find on the blog and was very careful with my diet and supplements. It took 5 months to fall pregnant but we are now a family of 4. Our little boy was born in December 2013.

It is possible to overcome PCOS! I’m still determined to continue the fight against PCOS and keep it under control with diet and lifestyle changes. Join me as we kick some PCOS butt, together!

More Info

PCOS is technically a hormonal disorder that affects 5-10% of all woman of childbearing age. If you’ve come across this site, my guess is that you already know that and you’re looking for some ways to treat your symptoms.

Diet is one of the most important factors in treating PCOS. Our insulin resistance is not helped by an unhealthy diet and highly processed carbs. We also have a double whammy when it comes to weight. Woman with PCOS have a higher risk of obesity and as a result of our dodgy hormones, we also struggle to lose that weight. So, nutrition and exercise play a key role in managing PCOS and weight loss. I, along with thousands of others, plan to tackle and overcome PCOS using good nutrition, exercise and a healthy lifestyle. This is no easy feat and I know I’m going to need some help along the way, as you may need too. Unfortunately, our reality is that there is no cure for PCOS but we can manage it and take control of our bodies. Since being diagnosed in 2010, I have done research into PCOS, diet and lifestyle changes in an effort to manage my PCOS and reclaim my health.

So, my hope is that PCOS Diet Support will be a hub of news on the latest PCOS research, high quality information and a place for women with PCOS to connect and find the motivation they need to overcome PCOS and all it’s related symptoms.

I really hope that you enjoy this site and the information you find here. Please feel free to leave comments and get in touch with me. I’d love to connect with other women with PCOS and share this journey!


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