Kind Words from Clients and Fans

“I have to say THANK YOU for your site and the weekly meal plans. I’ve been following your meal plan for 6 weeks now. I’ve lost 10 pounds, my acne is gone, and I just got my first natural period in nearly a year!! I’m so happy, and I’m so grateful to you for helping make it possible. :)”

PMP Elaine Blaire
Elaine, USA

Where do I begin. Being diagnosed with PCOS the beginning of this year left me feeling, alone and overwhelmed. Finding you and the The PCOS Master Plan course has opened my eyes to every detail of PCOS, and how to manage my symptoms. I find myself referring back to the course when I need a refresher. The content of this course is easy to read and quite honestly a gem. This course has helped me both mentally and physically, and has given me the tools I need to be successful in managing my PCOS symptoms. I find myself spreading the word of you and your course to my fellow “cysters”. I am so thankful for you and this course!

PMP Arina Outlaw
Arina, USA

It’s been such an eye opening journey. I am so thankful to have found you and The PCOS Master Plan course.  I was so unaware that I had been suffering with so many symptoms from PCOS. All though I was only diagnosed a few years ago I’m pretty sure I’ve had it seen puberty.  So for 20 years I’ve been living a ‘normal’ that was anything but.  It’s been almost 3 months since I hit my PCOS bottom, which prompted me to search the Internet and eventually find you.


Here is what The PCOS Master Plan has done for me:

  1. Lost 13 lbs, which is my personal happy bikini weight!
  2. Motivated me to exercise regularly. Helping manage insulin and energize me.
  3. Become a better planner and decrease the amount of wasted food and packaging.
  4. Inspired me to be creative in the kitchen!  So many PCOS friendly receipts out there! And I love baking now!
  5. Blood test revealed testosterone and insulin normal!
  6. Follow up appointment scheduled.
  7. My husband has lost 35 lbs as well and is feeling better than he has in years and as a result of this lifestyle our relationship is closer than ever.
  8. No longer ruled by emotionally swings, energy swings, cravings, and blotting.
  9. Clearer skin.


Of course I’ve been though moments of weaken and self pity.  I would get anxiety about going out to eat with friends or attending weddings, but I’ve made it though. All this being said I couldn’t have done this would out grace, faith, hope, and love.  I’ve always been a fat kid at heart.


We are still hoping to be blessed with children. We have been trying for 6 years. Who knows what this year will bring. That being said I feel more at peace than ever, knowing that whatever is in store will be exactly what we need.

PMP Tricia Schulberger
Tricia, USA

I just wanted to give you an update. I am down from 283 to 198 lbs. I have lost 85 lbs ! My periods, which I have been tracking are like clockwork on a 24 day cycle. I have been off of the pill and metformin for like 6 months. The only medication I still take is spironolactone and organic supplements.  I even shared your site with a friend and the information I have learned and in her first month she is down 11 lbs!

Monthly Membership Casey
Casey, USA

I was recently diagnosed with PCOS at 24. The PCOS Starter Kit gave me not only an understanding of PCOS, but restored my hope in managing it and getting control of my symptons again. It provides endless resources, and information for anything PCOS related. I was drowning in symptoms (irregular cycles, inflammation in my back, rapid hair growth in weird places, weight gain, and NO ENERGY whatsoever, among many more). After the diagnosis, I had very little support from my doctor, other than the Metformin prescription. I had no outlets for support, or information until I stumbled upon the PCOS Starter Kit. It was like the light at the end of the tunnel, the answers to a lot of my questions, and finally a support system I had been looking for. I finally started to feel something I hadn’t in a very long time… hope. I was finally in the driver’s seat of this of this disorder. I started to understand it, and know what steps to take to counteract the negative effects of PCOS. I’m still very new at this, and can only imagine what a year’s time will bring, but I do know that the results even as minor as they were started to show themselves right away.

I’m just over 30 days into using the PCOS Starter Kit, and the meal plans and what changes haven’t I seen?! I’m not going to lie, it’s been hard, especially giving up cheese, but the benefits are so worth it. Trust me! At first I thought the changes were just in my mind… a placebo effect. Until it kept going, and not only did it keep going, it kept getting better. The changes were minor at first and now… I feel like a whole new person… a happy, less bloated, energetic person.I have my drive back, I have my humor back, I have my energy back, this fog I had been living in for so long is finally gone and the best part is I know why and I’m in control of it. Another amazing result I have noticed is, my hair growth in weird places has reduced dramatically and the coarseness of the hair itself has reduced as well. I used to have wax basically everything from the collar bones up, every 3 days. Now I only do it once a week. But if there’s one symptom for me that has literally been life changing for me, and has decreased 100% since following the PCOS Starter Plan it’s my Back Pain. I suffered from debilitating Back Pain for years prior to being diagnosed with PCOS. I had such bad inflammation that I could barely walk properly, and the thought of picking something up was basically impossible. The Back Pain was controlling my life. I had baths constantly to relieve some of the pain, and was living of aspirin just for some sort of relief. The doctors had done X-Rays, and tests… there was no reason for the pain. It’s been 30 days free from bread… Gluten. Exercising regularly, and taking my supplements and guess what… I shoveled the walks the other day. I pick up my dog and lift him into the truck. I bend over to put my socks and shoes on without hesitation. I’m back to moving and living freely without back pain and if that isn’t motivation enough for me every day to keep on doing this than I don’t know what is. All I know, is since I’ve found the Tarryn, the PCOS Starter Kit, and her support team I feel like a whole person again, and there’s no words to say how grateful I truly am for the PCOS Starter Kit!

Starter Kit Chelsea
Chelsea, USA

When I was diagnosed at 17 I wasn’t fully aware of what any of this meant. Over the years I have struggled with my weight and even going on diets with other people wasn’t enough motivation when I spent months and months not losing a pound.  For a long time I pretended I didn’t have this condition and slipped into depression. This year I decided to change and I came across this PCOS starter kit along the way. Even though I had spoken to my doctor and other people, I’ve never understood what I should be eating daily and it can get so confusing looking at the nutritional information on everything. The starter kit has helped and brought light to loads of things – I never thought dairy effected my condition so much. I’m not going to lie, it’s been tough giving up foods that I love but since focusing on my symptoms, I’ve lost 9lbs. It might not be a lot to some but it’s massive amount to someone who couldn’t shed a pound. I feel better and I love to read your posts on Facebook knowing that I’m not alone. Thank you for all your help.

Starter Kit Katie
Katie, UK

I’m not sure if you know you have followers in Norway, but you do 😉

And everytime I hear about someone else with PCOS I immediately ask them if they have checked out your website yet 😉 Because PCOS diet support has been a bible for me these last four mounts. About time I found it, since I got diagnosed with PCOS four years ago. SO THANK YOU SO MUCH.


I love your daily e-mails. Such good guidance for someone that needs a little help understanding why her body is the way it is. It is a huge comfort just knowing that there’s a reason. Why I might feel depressed and why the anxiety might pop up from time to time. There is a reason!!! I’m not just crazy. Yay!!

And of course a huge help to know how to deal with the other symptoms that follows with PCOS. I feel I know them all to well.Struggling losing weight, hair where you don’t want it and all the other discomfort.

I’m not in a relationship, so I’m not trying to conceive. But I know that all this knowledge will be helpful the day I meet the right person for me. Both telling him about my situation and how to take the steps towards starting a family. So the problem whit PCOS is not present only if you are trying to conceive. It is all day, every day no matter what you are trying to achieve.

But there are things that can help with all the symptoms and discomfort. That, I have learned from you. And I am starting to see results. My skin has cleared up. And people are starting to ask me if I have lost weight (haven’t been on the scale yet). For me these are signs that things are going the right way. And I am determined to continue on this path.

So thank you so much. Keep spreading your knowledge and I will share it with those I meet who also need a little guidance.

Starter Kit Linda
Linda, Norway

Whew.  Where to start.  It has been 8 months since I have truly taken responsibility for my PCOS.  Before that I tried little things here and there but never fully accepted that this is something that I have, something that I can no longer ignore and something I need to learn to love about myself as well.  I have spent many years of my life angry and hateful towards myself and my body for having this.  Some days I am still angry with it but most I can see the light that it has brought to my life as well.


The starter kit and emails were absolutely necessary to me to get the ground work in place for managing my symptoms.  The kit because it provided examples of how to start to view food as so much more than a comfort.  It was to power and fuel my body.  The recipes all sounded like something that would actually fit not only into my lifestyle but that my family would also ENJOY.


The daily emails have been great touch points.  Each day to be reminded that while I can no longer hide from my struggles that I am not alone in these struggles either.  I have spent years reading books, websites, pamphlets – you name it – to try and gather information and seeking out some sort of “magic cure” for PCOS.  With the emails there has been a wealth of information compiled into a format that allows you to focus and actually absorb one point and one idea without being inundated with so much that you just shut it all out.


Lifestyle changes have been gradual but good.  I have cut out gluten, most dairy and alcohol.  I have also added supplements and essential oils to my daily life.  I feel much less anxious, which may be a combination of the dietary changes as well as the supplements along with the fact that I feel like I have empowered myself to take back some control of my life.  I have had small weight losses.  It is still a struggle for me but I am not as hard on myself as I once was and I refuse to starve myself and am working on learning to really feed myself like I love myself.

Starter Kit Mindy
Mindy, USA

I want to thank you for all your help and information.   I have lean PCOS I am not underweight but I don’t struggle with weight issues either. However, I do hold the weight I have on my tummy! I did  always wonder why! My main issue is acne.  I have tried everything, antibiotics, topical and oral, creams, the pill, I did eventually take roaccutane at 27 which worked….. for a while.  After about a year I started getting the spots back.  They started at age 12 all over my back, then my chest, then at 19 I developed them on my face, lower third, jawline etc classic PCOS, deep, red cysts, very sore took ages to heal. None of the GP’s or dermatologists suggested that my acne could be due to PCOS because I have regular periods and am slim.  Eventually, at 30 I took things into my own hands and got my AMH and testosterone done (I am a health professional, handy) and my AMH was high and my DHT, everything else OK.  I went back to my GP who was furious with me and said I didn’t have PCOS.  She reluctantly sent me for an ultrasound scan which revealed the ‘string of pearls’.  I felt quite smug when she called to tell me the scan confirmed my fears!! That’s when I found you.  I purchased some Inositol and I have been taking it for a month. MY SKIN IS AMAZING!!! Even my husband commented! I am in my luteal phase now and still no breakouts and my skin is not oily half way through the day anymore! Also, I got a lot more EWCM before ovulation than usual.  I started BBT as you suggested and I confirmed ovulation on CD19, which I late for me as it is always CD15, but I can’t say that it was definitely ovulating every month as I wasn’t charting. I have been taking your recommended VIT D supplement and eating a lot better, no sugar, less carbs, no gluten, no diary etc,. BUT I feel so much better, I am so happy that my skin is better. I hope we will conceive soon too.  Thank you for all your help it really has changed things for me dramatically, the health professionals out there are so unhelpful with PCOS but you know it all!

Starter Kit Samantha Jones
Samantha, London