PCOS and weight loss seems to be impossible. Incompatible. How the heck do you do it?

We seem to gain weight so easily and it feels like losing weight with PCOS is virtually impossible.

And weight loss seems to be one of the major concerns for thousands of women with PCOS.

So, if you feel frustrated and alone in your weight loss struggles, I completely understand and want to reassure you that you are very much not alone.

The other piece of really good news is that losing weight with PCOS is actually not impossible. It can be done, given the right strategies and resources.

If you have been to the doctor and told that all you need to do is lose weight and your PCOS will be better, but were never told HOW to lose weight, then you’re in the right place.


Why Losing Weight with PCOS is so hard

  1. Our hunger hormones are disordered. We tend to feel less satisfied after meals.

  2. Our metabolism is slower. Women with PCOS don’t need as many calories as women without PCOS.

  3. Higher levels of Insulin causes us to store more fat. Insulin is one of the hormones responsible for managing fat storage. Women with PCOS tend to have higher levels of insulin which leads to increased fat storage around our stomachs.


So, if you have genuinely been trying to lose weight with PCOS and not having any success, it could be down to one of these factors not being addressed. It is imperative that you eat a good PCOS diet to not only lose weight, but more importantly, manage your PCOS. Once your PCOS and those underlying hormones have been addressed, you are more likely to start seeing some movement on the scale.

Now before we look at how to go about losing weight with PCOS, we need to have a look at why some mainstream weight loss strategies are not effective with PCOS.


Busting some weight loss myths

pcos gluten freeOkay, so if you are anything like me, when you want to lose weight you think about changing the way that you eat. So you might try things like meal replacement shakes or a “healthy” breakfast of fruit and yoghurt. How about a baked potato for lunch?

The thing is that, in each of these examples, although conventional wisdom would suggest that these are great strategies, they are going to wreak havoc with your hormones.

Each of these meals is likely to cause a spike in your insulin levels. If your insulin spikes and is raised over the long term, you are not only going to make your PCOS worse, you’re going to land up gaining more weight.

It’s not just about the calories. You have to get your hormones in balance if you really want to see results in losing weight with PCOS.

I can’t tell you how many women have written to me, telling me that they have tried every diet possible, spent hours every day in the gym and had no success with losing weight.

I get that and I understand the frustration. It’s hard when you’re doing everything right and watching your friends around you lose weight while you just maintain or even gain weight.

So then, the next question is how do you lose weight with PCOS?


How to lose weight with PCOS


  1. Follow a good PCOS diet.

  2. Manage your calories.

  3. Exercise regularly.


I know that a lot of this sounds easier said than done and oversimplified. I know how hard it is on a daily basis to put all of the pieces of this puzzle together.

But, I also know that it is possible and that you can do it. I have worked with thousands of women who have struggled to lose weight and with the right guidance and support, they have been able to reach their goal weight.

I have created can easy to follow cheat sheet on how to lose weight with PCOS. It will give you more tips and strategies on each of the above steps, as well as other tips and tricks. Sign up for your “How to Lose Weight with PCOS” cheat sheet now.

I just wanted to give you an update. I am down from 283 to 198 lbs. I have lost 85 lbs ! My periods, which I have been tracking are like clockwork on a 24 day cycle. I have been off of the pill and metformin for like 6 months. The only medication I still take is spironolactone and organic supplements.  I even shared your site with a friend and the information I have learned and in her first month she is down 11 lbs!

Monthly Membership Casey
Casey, USA

This site is incredible. I love the community! Also, I have learned so much thanks to Tarryn. I have changed my eating habits and within the first month I have lost 15 pounds and many inches. I am not swollen or bloated anymore and I have so much more energy. I am so glad I know how to manage my health. Life is good again!

Starter Kit Syrena
Syrena, USA

I’ve been struggling with PCOS for about 12 years and for most PCOSers, weight is a huge factor. I have tried countless diets over the years. Yes, I have lost weight but ultimately gained it back. I have been following this diet for just 10 days and I noticed a difference within the first 3. The bloatiness was gone, I felt much better…. And now, at 10 days, I lost 1.8 lbs!  A huge shout out and thank you to Tarryn for all her time, effort and dedication to this!!!

Esther, UK