So, you may have had PCOS for a while. And you may have tried so many times to eat the way that you know you should.

To exercise like you know you should.

The problem is that you start off so well but as the days go by, you find your motivation starts to wane.

You sneak in some junk food on the side.

You start to miss that gym session.

And before you know it, you are right back to where you started.

And your PCOS symptoms come back with a vengeance.


Sound familiar?

I know it does for me.

You see, sometimes its just so hard to stay motivated. To keep doing what you know you should be doing.
And I get that.

The thing is, the unfortunate reality with PCOS is that it is not going to just go away. We have it for life.

And so we need to manage it for life.

If we have fallen off the bandwagon for any reason, we need to find a way to get back on it.

We need to find a way to keep going.


So, here are some tips on how to find your mojo again.


Avoid Decision Fatigue

“Decision fatigue?” you ask?

Let me tell you why decision fatigue may be one of the causes of your loss of motivation. Adults need to make about 35000 decisions every day.

Decision fatigue is the deteriorating quality of decision making after a long period of making decisions.

Let’s apply this to PCOS.

Let’s say that you wake up in the morning and your cravings are already starting. But, instead of eating your milky cereal or drinking a cup of coffee, you resist and have a healthy PCOS friendly smoothie. The same happens for lunch.

By the time dinner rolls around, you realise you have nothing in the fridge or the pantry and you have to shop for supper. Chances are, after using all of your self control making good food decisions the whole day, by the time dinner comes, you have “run out” of motivation and self-control. So you eat whatever you can find, whether it will be helpful for your PCOS or not.

See the problem?

Here are some ways that you can avoid decision fatigue with PCOS:


Plan the night before

This will allow you to eliminate decisions throughout the day. Following a meal plan, for example, means that you know what you will be eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Those decisions are already taken care of for you.


Do the most important things first

What is the most important thing for your PCOS? Eating well? Taking your supplements? Exercising? What are the things that you are struggling to do for your PCOS? Those are the things that you should do first thing in the morning when your will power and motivation are still strong.


If you’re struggling to stay committed, have something to eat

Research has found that having some glucose before making decisions helps to bring focus and clarity and helps to strengthen will power. Now, I’m not suggesting that you go out and eat a whole bar of chocolate. But a healthy PCOS snack (like these Coconut Honey Treats) will help you to tame the craving, as well as strengthen your will power.


Learn from Others

There are literally millions of women around the world with PCOS and we all know what it is like to live with PCOS. One of the ways that I stay motivated is by reading about or listening to podcasts from people who are where I want to be.

So, why not spend some time reading the PCOS Stories on the blog? Seeing how other women have overcome their PCOS may just give you the motivation you need to get back on track so that you can get to where you want to be too.


Get Support

We’ve heard all the clichés: No man is an island, many hands make light work, A single leaf working alone provides no shade…

The point is, it’s very difficult for us to go it alone. We need support from the people around us to motivate us, cheer us on and pick us up when we fall.

Support could also come from many sources and in many forms. From family to friends to fellow cysters around the world. We need people who believe in us and are rooting for us.


Know your why

Another way to stay motivated is to be really clear about why you want to manage your PCOS. Yes, yes, we know that there are secondary health risks. We know that we want to lose weight. But that’s often not enough to keep us going day in and day out.

We need something closer to home. Something real to us.

When I was trying to conceive, my motivation was unequivocally the fact that I wanted to be a mom. It made it so much easier to stick with a PCOS diet, to take my supplements everyday, to exercise.

Now that I am a mom, my why is still my children. Now I want to be a good example for my daughter who may also have PCOS by virtue of the fact that I have it. I want to live a full and rich life, unhindered by PCOS.

That is my why.

You need to know where you want to be and go for it 100% without PCOS standing in your way.

You need to know your why.


So, if you are struggling to stay motivated, to stay on the bandwagon, why not spend some time reading the PCOS Stories, reading comments on the blog and finding your why.


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