We know that PCOS is the leading cause of sub fertility in women of child bearing age. Which is not surprising, given that one of the main symptoms of PCOS is an irregular menstrual cycle. It makes sense – if you are not ovulating every month your chances of conceiving decrease.


In fact, when I surveyed my readers, as much as 40% of them said that they struggle with fertility. That’s a huge percentage of women with PCOS.


Now, when I was first diagnosed with PCOS, I was really frustrated by the level of support that I was offered by my doctor. It seemed that if I wanted to start a family, the only option available to me was a referral to a fertility clinic. Thankfully, I was living in London at the time and this was all offered on the National Health Service and I didn’t have to pay.


But, if you are living in any other country where fertility services are paid for out of pocket, it can be a very costly and painful ordeal (and possibly one that could be avoided all together).


You see, I never needed that fertility clinic appointment in the end. While I was waiting for my appointment, I did hours and hours of research and stumbled across something that has literally changed my life and enabled me to become a mom.


I came across some really encouraging research that showed that diet and lifestyle changes are more effective than medication in improving ovulation and pregnancy rates in women with PCOS.


And this has been confirmed time and time again by various clients and fans who write to me almost daily to share their excitement that they have conceived or given birth to their precious little bundles.


There are some key strategies that I often recommend when trying to conceive with PCOS.


How to Improve your fertility with PCOS:

  1. Follow a PCOS Diet

  2. Take supplements to help balance your PCOS hormones and improve your fertility

  3. Use fertility charting to give insight into your cycle and alleviate your own anxieties when trying to conceive with PCOS


I know that trying to conceive with PCOS is often a long and hard road. I know that it is a struggle. I’ve been there. But, I also know from experience with my 2 children, that it really is possible. There could be light at the end of the tunnel.


Why not join the 50 000 other women who have signed up for my PCOS Starter Kit and get started on making small daily changes that will make a massive difference for you and your PCOS?